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By the numbers: DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen franchise revenue
16 September

How much money can a DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen franchise earn? One of the first questions a prospective franchisee asks of a franchisor is, “How much money can I make?” This is especially true of ...

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An amazing time to start a remodeling business
24 August

Some remodeling businesses are growing like hot new startups. Here’s why. It’s no secret the Great Recession was incredibly difficult for many in the construction industry, including remodelers. The ...

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DreamMaker Reunion speakers share lessons on how to improve remodeling business
18 August

Remodeling franchise’s annual conference brings franchisees together with industry thought leaders Our annual reunion, recently held in Austin, Texas, is our favorite event of the year because it ...

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Georgia remodeling business becomes new DreamMaker franchise
17 August

Georgia remodeler transitions to DreamMaker franchise to better serve clients Eric Anderson, along with his father, David, and sister, Leesa, has been in the home remodeling business for more than a ...

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Remodeling industry trends: Latest data from research groups
27 May

A look at some key data DreamMaker remodeling franchise is sharing with franchisees Each Spring, we share a host of the key data points that are driving remodeling industry trends. We provide ...

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Code of Values: Remain humble, even in celebration
23 May

DreamMaker makes gratitude a central part of our business DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has been blessed in many ways, and one of the ways we live our Code of Values™ is by counting our blessings every ...

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How DreamMaker's marketing approach helps franchisees generate higher margins
17 March

Strong marketing strategies help DreamMaker remodeling franchise owners compete on quality and customer service — not just price One of the strengths that has helped DreamMaker grow average revenue ...

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Some thoughts on what makes a business great
17 February

Is financial success a goal or a byproduct of serving others well?

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Study details driving forces behind DreamMaker’s double-digit revenue growth
17 January

Analysis of remodeling industry reveals how the best firms are garnering the lion’s share of gains Anyone considering starting a remodeling business should pay close attention to a report from ...

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DreamMaker Franchise's Designs Receive Media Mention
28 December

Remodeling franchise helps homeowners realize their vision with unique, winning designs The DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise’s stunning, economical remodeling solutions recently were featured in ...

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