Grow your business with the time-tested Transformational Process

Starting a business or converting a business can be a difficult journey and most business owners don’t know where to begin. DreamMaker has created the Transformational Process™, that not only lets you know where to start but gives you the continuous guidance and extensive training you need to succeed. From the day you sign a remodeling franchise agreement to the day you either retire or sell your DreamMaker remodeling franchise, we offer hands-on training, business coaching, franchise support, and time-tested processes for every aspect of your business.

If you would like to learn about the Transformational Process™ and what we have to offer, then continue reading.

2.24.15 Graphic Transformational Process Chart

Business Model/Strategies & Tactics

Learning about the Business Model is the first step of our Transformational Process. It is the step to educate you on our strategies and tactics. During this time, we explain the continuous franchise support for operations, marketing, sales, financial management and technology. It’s an opportunity for you to better understand what helps a DreamMaker franchisee soar, and the opportunity to set out a plan to help you succeed as a DreamMaker owner.

Training By Module

Starting a remodeling franchise can certainly be a daunting task, but rest assured that our training team will make sure you are well prepared for opening day. During the onboarding process,  you'll go through extensive training on our business systems, co-create a 12-month customized marketing plan, and be personally trained on our proprietary technology. There will be multiple learning experiences through extensive hands-on training and webinars. You’ll have a site visit, a mentor visit, a training in Waco, where you’ll meet our corporate team, and more. The training doesn’t end when you open the doors to your DreamMaker location, training continues as you own a DreamMaker franchise. We have an annual reunion, specialty training and webinars on new opportunities for your business. All this is to help you achieve your business growth goals.

Franchise Coaching

Along with extensive training, we also offer our remodeling franchisees one-on-one business coaching. We understand you might have questions as you go through the process so you will have a franchise coach to help you through any trials you might face. They are there to support and help you through the journey of owning a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise.

Peer Networking

This journey isn’t something someone should do alone. DreamMaker offers Panel Discussions, Next Level Groups, High Quality Peers to all our franchisees. This is an opportunity for you to speak and learn from other DreamMaker owners. They have gone through this journey, as well, and are open to sharing anything they have learned from their experiences. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a family-oriented company, and we treat everyone, from franchisees to clients, like family.


Our Transformational Process was created to make sure that all franchisees can learn the DreamMaker system and feel confident in their own DreamMaker franchise. As you go through this process, we focus on expressing our Code of Values. We live our Code of Values by having respect, integrity, being customer focused, and by having fun in the process! If you are interested in learning more about this process and becoming a DreamMaker owner, then fill out the form below, so our franchise recruiter can connect with you.