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DreamMaker’s culture is built upon a set of shared values that inform the way we treat customers and each other

DreamMaker Featured Code DreamMaker™ Code of Values is deeply ingrained in our culture.

According to Franchise Business Review, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is one of the happiest franchise systems in the country. Financial performance plays a big role in that satisfaction. DreamMaker remodeling franchise locations have outperformed the remodeling industry for several years, with extremely strong average unit sales growth.

Obviously, a healthy growing business is one key to happiness for business owners. But it’s far from the whole story. When you talk to DreamMaker franchise owners about the reasons they love their business, they’ll tell you about their customers and the lives they’ve enhanced through thoughtful remodeling. They’ll talk about how the business has given them the financial means to contribute to their community and charitable causes. They’ll also talk to you about their employees — dedicated people who become like family, and who have helped them grow their business. In turn, DreamMaker franchisees look for opportunities to help their employees grow. Watching someone reach their potential is one of the most gratifying experiences a business owner can have, and it’s something we stress every day.

Building a vision, for ourselves and our employees

Each day, DreamMaker’s corporate staff as well as franchisees throughout the nation take a moment to recite our Code of Values™. It’s a foundational document for DreamMaker that defines the difference we seek to make in the world. It focuses our hearts and minds on the attitudes that will help us achieve our goals — as business owners as well as people. Amid the daily decision-making processes of business ownership, the Code of Values™ keeps us centered on our long-term vision and our eventual legacy.   

One of the Values is this:

We believe in the untapped potential of every human being. Every person we help achieve their potential fulfills our mission.

Individual franchisees live this value in a variety of ways. Many contribute to local charities to help people in need find stability in their lives. Additionally, franchisees keep an eye out for promising, hard-working people who can be mentored to become successful sales professionals, carpenters and office managers.

DreamMaker Franchise Organizational Map DreamMaker’s systems for remodeling franchisees are carefully mapped out — whether it’s a workflow for a particular type of remodeling project or a process for adjusting organizational structures as a business grows.

Structured growth, for you and employees

A big part of helping people realize their untapped potential is providing a plan that can help people understand their evolving roles, embrace new responsibilities and excel. As a franchisee, cultivating great employees is a key to growing your business while maintaining the work-life balance that can elude many business owners. Quality of life matters, and DreamMaker believes that building great teams and providing clear expectations and communication are key components of building a rewarding business.

DreamMaker’s systems and support are designed to help franchisees grow their business in a thoughtful way that creates paths of promotion for employees. Our corporate staff provides staffing models for DreamMaker franchise locations that anticipate growth. The goal is to help franchisees know when they need to bring new people aboard, how responsibilities will need to shift to handle increased job volume and how the management structure may need to change as the business grows.  

This roadmap not only helps franchisees realize the untapped potential of their own business and smooth out growth and transitions — it also helps employees grow into new roles as their skills increase.

Learn more about the DreamMaker culture

To learn more and to start a conversation, fill out a form to download our free franchise report or visit our research pages. You also can read stories about existing franchisees and their customers on our blog. We hope to talk to you soon!

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