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If you’ve always wanted to own your own business, DreamMaker®’s home renovation franchise may be a perfect fit.


There are times when the signs for a career change are clear. Downsizing. Layoffs. But sometimes, it’s just a feeling in your gut. That’s how it was for Brent Bailey of Huntsville, AL.

“I woke up one day and realized I wasn’t doing what I was meant to do,” says Bailey. “I thought, ‘I’m crunching numbers; I’m not being creative, and I’m not having the impact I want to have.’ ”Brent_Sue_Bailey_and_Doug

Having always yearned to run his own business, Bailey opened a DreamMaker home renovation franchise in the Huntsville area. “I couldn’t be happier about this new direction,” he says.

If you know in your heart that you’re ready to move on from your job in corporate America, DreamMaker offers a way to use your passion to build a rewarding business that works for you.

“In the corporate world, you tend to get very comfortable,” Bailey says. “To step outside the corporate life can be really scary, but if you have a calling to do it, I think it’s important to listen to that urge.”

5 reasons to start a DreamMaker® Bath & Kitchen franchise

  1. Opportunity to change lives with every job. Our franchisees love seeing the faces of our clients when we transform their kitchens and bathrooms. These are the spaces people spend most of their lives in, and it’s amazing to see our clients walk in and be blown away.
  2. ROI. Sometimes, the numbers speak for themselves: Our startup costs range from $136,700 to $334,925, and our average unit store sales is over $1M. Our gross profit margin averages 39.9%, and our unit store sales have grown more than 80% since 2011.bathroom
  3. Collaborative franchisee mentor groups. DreamMaker has franchise mentor groups that stand out in our industry. Everyone uses the same systems and is willing to share their data because they’re not competing. Our company culture is one of collaboration rather than head-to-head competition.
  4. High franchisee satisfaction. Our business operates under a shared Code of Values™, ensuring that everyone is treated with the same respect. Our commitment to values like honesty and integrity are reflected in our franchisee satisfaction scores. According to Franchise Business Review, DreamMaker was one of the top-ranked companies among hundreds surveyed for franchisee satisfaction. FBR asks franchisees more than 50 questions on a range of topics, including core values, the franchise community, and the financial opportunity.

We help you grow. One of the hardest parts of opening any new business is generating new leads. DreamMaker® has a number of ways to help with that, including detailed marketing plans and expert advice to help you attract more prospective clients. Our brand’s reputation helps, too. We were ranked No. 5 on 2018’s National Qualified Remodeler Top 500 list. Our efficient procedures for design and installation are linked to increased customer satisfaction. That can help you build your franchise through repeat business as well as positive word-of-mouth. You don’t need a background in home remodeling.

Own a home renovation franchise

With DreamMaker’s support, you can use your leadership skills to grow an exciting new business that makes a positive contribution to your community.

To find out more about DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen’s business opportunities, download our free franchise report and start a conversation with us. You can also learn more by exploring our Franchise Information Center (FIC) pages.

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