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Why Go With Franchising? The 5 Ways DreamMaker Supports Business Owners

We understand that running a business has it challenges, and it can be difficult to find a system that works. When starting a business there is a lot to factor in. You have to worry about having all the right systems, the right marketing strategies, the right technology, and the right support system. When owning a business, you experience many trials and errors. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way you could limit the amount of trials and errors you experience? The nice thing about franchising, is someone has already created the systems and strategies. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we’ve created a business model that could help you succeed and earn strong margins. Not only does DreamMaker have the systems and technology set for you, we also have the ongoing support. As long as you are a DreamMaker owner, we have highly skilled corporate staff ready to assist you during your journey as an owner of a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. Continue reading about the 5 ways DreamMaker supports business owners.DreamMaker Corporate Staff

The DreamMaker Business Model

Starting a business or converting a business can be a difficult journey and most business owners don’t know where to start. DreamMaker has created a Business Model that not only lets you know where to start but gives you the continuous guidance and extensive training that could help you succeed. From the day you sign a franchise agreement to the day you either retire or sell your DreamMaker remodeling franchise, we offer hands-on support and time-tested processes for every aspect of your business.

Proprietary Technology

DreamMaker has the advantage of decades of experience in the business, and we’re also forward-thinking and innovative. We use technology to help our franchisees perform to the highest standard in the industry. We have a proprietary software platform called EMT 2.5. This sophisticated technology helps you track every touch point of a lead and includes a detailed estimating system that helps you price jobs accurately. We also utilize a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that allows you to automate email marketing with customers and report all of your customer data effectively.

DreamMaker Marketing Support

Effective marketing is the lifeline for your new business, and we work together with franchise owners to design a marketing-specific customized plan to help get your business off to a strong start. Training is ongoing from there. DreamMaker host monthly topical webinars and other training events to continually provide hands-on training and support to you give you confidence. DreamMaker’s marketing team has the knowledge and experience to provide you any guidance you may need.

DMReunion2018-28Dedicated Franchise Coaches

Not only do you have the corporate team there as assistant, you are also assigned a designated franchise coach that is dedicated to helping you through your journey as a DreamMaker owner. Our franchise coaches are there to assist you in learning the systems and helping you achieve your desired stage of growth.

Peer Networking

Along with a corporate team and franchise coaches, you will also have the support of other DreamMaker owners. There are multiple DreamMaker opportunities throughout the year that allow you the opportunity to talk and network with other franchisees whether it is our annual January Workshop or REUNION events or a Next Level Group. Next Level Groups are the opportunity to meet with other franchisees and discuss your business’ operations. It allows you to learn from other franchisees and learn how the DreamMaker system has worked for them. DreamMaker also holds an annual reunion for all franchisees. This week is a chance to network with other franchisees, your franchise coaches, and with the DreamMaker corporate team.

At DreamMaker, we want business owners to succeed and build a business that can work for them. If you are wanting to learn more about DreamMaker’s systems, technology or our ongoing support, click the button below to download a FREE Franchise Kit. 

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