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The 4 Reasons Why DreamMaker Requires A Design CenterGroup

One of the questions we get from potential franchisees is, “Do I have to have a Design Center?” The answer is yes. The Design Center is what sets DreamMaker apart. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s Marketing Manager, Ricky Deakyne says, “Having a Design Center is an integral part of the DreamMaker Difference because it provides a unique client experience that will help you to achieve marketing and sales objectives. Many of our franchisees’ local competitors do not have a showroom where their clients can walk in, get educated on the products, and ease into the design process and relationship. In addition, our franchisees say having a showroom to lean on takes some pressure off the in-person sales discussions.” Having a Design Center can really help a business stand out, and DreamMaker sees that.

Here are four reasons why DreamMaker have a Design Center.


At DreamMaker, we want our clients to be confident not only in our abilities but also in their decision to remodel. The Design Center provides the opportunity for clients to see and feel the material, making them more confident in their decision. When a client is more confident in what they are buying, the more likely you are to close the sale. The Design Center not only builds confidence in the material customers are purchasing but it also builds confidence in the firm they choose to go with. It demonstrates your permanence in the community, and it is a chance for you to show off your expertise. A Design Center gives you the chance to show your design and remodeling skills, making the client more confident in their decision to go with you.


The product selection and design process is an exciting, yet Springfield DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Design Centertedious step for many clients. The Design Center can deliver a more personalized and enjoyable decision-making process for the buyer. The Design Center can be used to focus on educating the buyer and creating a more personalized and pleasant decision-making process, which will benefit you by simplifying the occasional tiresome design process for clients. Remodeling a home is a big decision for a homeowner and can be stressful when deciding on the desired material for their project. They don’t want to regret their selections down the line. Homeowners may have many questions regarding their potential remodeling process. The Design Center provides an opportunity for design experts* to answer any questions or concerns customers may have. Franchisees can educate customers, while illustrating their point with the surrounding products.


Michelle Kilmer, Kohler’s director of stores and showroom marketing, states that, “One trend we have seen in all of our customer segments is efficiency.” The Design Center is a way for you to treat customer’s time as a valued asset and potentially accelerate their decision-making process. Our design centers are fully-transactional and convenient for your clients. Your clients do not have to visit multiple locations or stores throughout the design process, which makes our process more enjoyable. The Design Center offers ease and efficiency for your clients, which helps you stand out against the competition.


With technologies such as 3-D animation and virtual reality, one may think the buying population DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Springfield Design Centerdoes not need to see or touch a product before purchasing; however, this is a myth. Builder online states, “manufacturers, marketers, and retailers are finding that a large part of the buying population still prefers to touch and feel products firsthand, especially big-ticket and custom products.” A Design Center allows clients the opportunity to feel the products and see them in a room layout. Seeing the products in person helps clients visualize the potential designs in their own home. With more technology-integrated products emerging, it can be difficult to convey the value of your products. The Design Center provides a space for customers to test and experience your products, while understanding your value proposition.

At DreamMaker we see the importance and value of having a design center. We have seen the success it has, and all we strive for is success for our franchisees. If you would like to learn more about the DreamMaker franchise opportunity, contact our Franchise recruiter, John McCue at 254.523.9595 or fill out a form today

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