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DreamMaker Can Transform Your Remodeling Business

Owning your own remodeling business is an amazing adventure. You have the opportunity to help homeowners achieve their dreams. And you get to do that while being your own boss. With all of its benefits, of course, there are still many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is scaling a business on your own. Perhaps you have made a few attempts but found yourself a bit stuck. DreamMaker can help you get out of the scaling rut. When you transform your remodeling business into a DreamMaker franchise, we can help you achieve all your business goals (and maybe even a few more!)

DreamMaker has a world-class franchise management team whose primary goal is to help our franchise owners succeed. Here are just a few ways you can benefit by converting your existing remodeling business into a DreamMaker franchise:

Lead Generation

With decades of collective experience under their belts, our franchise management team knows how to generate leads. They will look at your business and marketing plans and help you identify growth areas. Additionally, they will work with you on developing appropriate lead generation ideas for your specialty and location.

Service Expansion

When you own your business, understanding when and how to expand is challenging. After all, you may want to offer all the services, but not know which ones to add first. We will help you identify the best possible route for service expansion. That way, you can confidently grow your remodeling business in a sustainable and profitable direction.


Staffing challenges are tough. Thankfully, we have been there and can help you navigate these tricky waters. So if you’re understaffed, having trouble retaining staff, or need help finding quality people to hire, we can help.

It is amazing how a few simple changes can drastically improve your business. Consider transforming your existing remodeling company into a DreamMaker franchise, where you can watch it reach new heights!

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