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How the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Franchise Opportunity Could Help Limit the Stress of Starting a Remodeling Business

Starting a remodeling business can be a stressful experience, but with franchising you can limit that stress. The main reason people go with franchising over starting their own remodeling business, is the systems that are already in place and the network of ongoing support. DreamMaker’s kitchen and bath remodeling franchise opportunity has created a business model that has been proven to help remodelers start a remodeling business from the get-go. Starting a business on your own is a difficult journey, and you’ll often face bumps in the road that you weren’t prepared for. DreamMaker has been helping remodelers’ transition into business ownership for over 20 years. From our experience, we have created time-tested systems and offer ongoing support to assist you in any unexpected turmoil you might face and to limit the amount of stress of starting a remodeling business.

DreamMaker's Systems

When starting a business, there are systems that need to be created for every aspect of the business. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has created time-tested systems for the different areas of the business in order to maximize growth for our franchisees.

Software Systems

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has created software systems to help business owners smoothly track and run their financials, marketing, design, production and other areas of the business.

Operating Systems

DreamMaker’s operating systems help limit the stress of starting a remodeling franchise. We also help franchisees better understand their roles as owners and shape their leadership skills. We also train and coach them on efficient and effective ways of management, administration, design and other skills needed to own a remodeling business. 

Hard Systems

DreamMaker's Physical AssetsWe have also learned the importance of physical assets in the remodeling industry. That is why in your initial investment, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen requires a Design Center for all franchise locations, giving a better experience for the client, which leads to a higher closing ratio. We also budget for branded vehicles, yard signage, and other marketing collateral.

DreamMaker's Ongoing Support

DreamMaker Franchisee SupportDreamMaker’s systems are a big perk of our remodeling franchise opportunity, but it’s the ongoing training and support we offer to business owners that continuously maximize growth. For over 20 years, we have seen the difficulty of the transition into business ownership, so we are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs start a successful remodeling franchise and to help current remodelers grow their existing businesses into a DreamMaker franchise. DreamMaker offers support and training to business owners from a corporate office full of business specialists, dedicated franchise coaches, and a network of supportive DreamMaker franchisees. This support system has been built to help limit the stress of starting a remodeling franchise

If you are looking for a business opportunity with the right systems and support, then consider DreamMaker. Don't take it just from us though, watch our video below to hear directly from DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise owners about how DreamMaker's systems and support has helped them. 

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