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DreamMaker provides unique and custom marketing support to all franchisees.

Marketing is more than just putting an ad out and hoping it drives business to you. Marketing is the business process that creates relationships with customers and continues to nurture that relationship through the customer lifecycle.

Since marketing’s core focus is on the customer, it’s one of the most important components of business management. In the home remodeling industry today, it’s all about the relationship and trust you build with your clients. It’s hard for people to trust contractors, they are letting someone into their homes for a long period of time and have heard the horror stories. Your client needs to trust that you will respect their home and deliver on what you said in those first conversations.

With a nationally known home remodeling franchise like DreamMaker, you don’t have to worry about building and maintaining your customer base alone. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has a team of marketing professionals that continue to conduct demographic (the who) and psychographic (the why) research on your target audience and they will also conduct a local market analysis for you during your onboarding training. This is just a small part of the time-tested systems and ongoing support you have as a DreamMaker Franchisee. Continue reading to learn about DreamMaker’s marketing systems, tactics and support.

The 5 Pillars of Marketing

DreamMaker’s 5 Pillars of Marketing are unique to our franchise network. The theme is this: there isn’t a silver bullet. Marketing success is achieved by these pillars are supporting each other. Each pillar is a different facet of our marketing system.DreamMakers5pillarsmarketing

Pillar 1: Maximize the Web

Pillar 2: Face-to-Face Marketing

Pillar 3: Tangible Consumer Presence

Pillar 4: Client Experience

Pillar 5: Traditional Marketing

All five pillars work together to create our ideal “marketing mix.” They are balanced with calls to action, local presence, and reputation management

GPS Marketing™ System

Our GPS Marketing™ System is there to help you navigate your way through marketing. It’s taking where you are now and finding the fastest route to the right marketing strategy for the best results. Identifying the right marketing opportunities for your business is the foundation of a successful marketing strategy. Our GPS Marketing™ System is comprised of various image and action strategies and tactics.

Customized 12-month Marketing Plan

DreamMaker’s marketing team customizes a 12-month marketing plan based on research and a 2-3 day site visit to your local market for all new franchisees. New DreamMaker owners will receive marketing collateral, such as business cards, flyers, brochures, banners, vehicle wraps/decals, yard signs, and other advertising tools. Additionally, your location will get your very own website, advertising landing pages, social media pages and will be launched on all the necessary directory listings necessary to give your business a strong SEO start. We also provide a monthly E-newsletter so you can stay in front of prospective and past clients.

Design Center

One marketing tactic that sets DreamMaker apart is our Design Centers. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s Marketing Manager, Ricky Deakyne says, “Having a Design Center is an integral part of the DreamMaker Difference because it provides a unique client experience that will help you to achieve marketing and sales objectives. Many of our franchisees’ local competitors do not have a showroom where their clients can walk in, get educated on the products, and ease into the design process and relationship. In addition, our franchisees say having a showroom to lean on takes some pressure off the in-person sales discussions.” Having a Design Center can help a business stand out, and DreamMaker sees that.

Ongoing Marketing Support

Your marketing support doesn’t end there though. We provide all our franchisees the opportunity to continue their education about marketing. We host annual workshops, where franchisees can sharpen skills and get needed answers to their marketing questions. The marketing support is ongoing, and we have a team of marketing experts ready to help franchisees with any marketing advice they might need. Leesa Anderson, DreamMaker of East Georgia Franchisee, comments that “DreamMaker Corporate’s Marketing team has been a joy to work with! Their knowledge of the marketing world has been an invaluable resource for me, since I previously had no experience in this role. They have been very patient with my many questions and always seem eager to offer assistance. They have helped us determine how much we should budget for the various marketing channels available to us, and they have provided us with sample artwork to customize to fit our advertising needs. I am more confident in my marketing role because I know I have the Corporate Marketing team to turn to for any help and support that I need.”

Meet DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s Corporate Marketing Team!

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