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DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen leads the way as one of the premier home renovation franchises

A beautiful kitchen with granite countertops, a large island and pendant lighting DreamMaker franchisees often get invited back to do many jobs for their loyal clients.

Since launching as a franchise nearly 20 years ago, DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen has expanded into several states and has become one of the premier home renovation franchises in the nation. While there are start-up DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchises, many are conversions, owned by remodelers who already had a full-service construction business and have transitioned to the DreamMaker® model to achieve greater success.

One of the benefits for conversion franchises is the potential for repeat business. When a client hires us for a bath or kitchen remodel, they are very likely to call back with more extensive home renovation needs. In this scenario, DreamMaker® becomes a way for a full-service remodeler to get in the door, do a great job and build up their business with repeat customers on other projects.

One DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchisee who has been successful with this model is Glen Borkowski of the Chicago Metro area. For one client in particular, Borkowski has become the go-to contractor for all of their home improvement projects, recently completing a total upgrade to their kitchen. This project marked the seventh time this client had hired him, which he attributes to his commitment to conducting his business with honesty and integrity.

“At this point, I’ve done everything I could possibly do for them,” Borkowski says. “But that is what I wanted when they hired me, or when anyone hires me for that matter — I want to be your remodeler for life.”

In recent years, many full-service contractors have sought to join home renovation franchises instead of staying independent. A research analyst at Harvard University found that because the residential remodeling industry is so highly fragmented, the vast majority of relatively small, single-location remodelers will not likely experience any significant growth over their lifecycles. The analyst points out that by joining a franchise like DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen, these smaller companies can overcome the many hurdles to growth and enjoy significant benefits of scale, well-established systems and marketing.

Franchisee Glen Borkowski and his wife, Denise, pose in his kitchen showroom DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchisee Glen Borkowski grew his remodeling business by joining our franchise.

Another successful independent contractor turned DreamMaker franchisee is Bill Wolf, in Grand Rapids, MI. When asked about how he benefits from his association with DreamMaker, Wolf said, “One thing I like about DreamMaker is it helps you understand the business side of remodeling. Many people are experts in carpentry or actually doing the remodeling itself, but what about the business? The marketing, the numbers, the profit margins, the customer service, hiring and firing, all those different aspects of business. I’d had no training in or support for that at all. So, DreamMaker came along and had great systems in place that were highly appropriate for a business like ours.”

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