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Independent survey reveals DreamMaker remodeling franchise owners are experiencing tremendous levels of satisfaction with their company

DreamMaker remodeling franchise owners recently participated in a Franchise Business Review survey to gauge their level of satisfaction with our company, and we are thrilled to report our franchisees experience tremendous levels of satisfaction across the board.

DreamMaker’s service model is to focus first on kitchen and bath remodeling, but it is also designed to expand service to the rest of the house. This helps to maximize marketing dollars and create customers for life.

The survey is an independent analysis that measures against the industry average for how franchise owners feel day in and day out about DreamMaker’s leadership, franchisee interaction with corporate and with each other, and overall satisfaction levels experienced as a franchisee with DreamMaker. The results prove our franchisees aren’t just satisfied with their individual businesses, they also award the brand much higher rankings than are typical in the remodeling industry.

Our remodeling franchise owners ranked DreamMaker’s leadership with an overall score of 4.6 out of 5. The franchisees believe corporate relays a clear vision, has a strong team culture, actively involves franchisees, and is successful at driving the company into the future.

“The culture of DreamMaker is demonstrated best in our Code of Values,” says Doug Dwyer, President and Chief Stewarding Officer of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. “We value our people above profits, and we do our best to involve franchisees with our mission in business and connect our franchisees with one another to build a strong support network.”

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchisees gather for our 2015 Reunion. One of the best ways to grow your remodeling business is to become part of a bigger team. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchisees gather for our 2015 Reunion. One of the best ways to grow your remodeling business is to become part of a bigger team.

In terms of franchisee teamwork, our remodeling franchise owners demonstrated that they not only feel supported by corporate, but by each other. Our overall ranking for franchisee community is more than 15 points higher than the industry average.

“DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is not a dictating franchise — they are a supportive franchise,” says Mike Fischer, a remodeling franchise owner in Lansing, Michigan. “I have never felt they are forcing me to do cookie-cutter designs or do things the same as everybody else. They give me freedom. At the same time, ever since I have been involved, I have a feeling of not being alone anymore, not trying to figure everything out on my own. Their continued support, assistance and concern is a big part of what has given me the courage and drive to come through the last few years and make my business better. The support was huge during the recession, and it’s always valuable.”

The wide majority of our remodeling franchise owners gave perfect or near-perfect marks for how much they enjoy being with DreamMaker, and nearly all of those surveyed would recommend becoming a DreamMaker remodeling franchise owner to others.

“The way they do things is pretty countercultural for the construction industry,” says Lee Willwerth, a remodeling franchise owner in Ann Arbor, Michigan. “The way customers are treated, the interactions with clients. While DreamMaker does not publicly position itself as a Christian company, it is certainly run based on Christian principles. The Code of Values is a secular way of stating those values and telling people what we believe we should do. A company that believes those things and does its best to live by them was something we wanted to be a part of.”

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and remodelers earn strong financial numbers while having a focus on improving their quality of life. Our franchise owners enjoy much stronger margins than most remodelers — and their customers report much, much higher satisfaction. DreamMaker's business practices are guided by biblical principles of service, respect and integrity — and are key to our success.

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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen helps franchise partners stand out by offering savvy, proven marketing plans and tools, excellent systems for operating your business, and a wealth of support to help you grow. To learn more about the remodeling industry, and why we are excited about the growth potential for our franchisees, visit our research pages. To learn even more, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation. We look forward to talking with you!

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