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Growing sales in a massive industry make our remodeling business one to consider if you’re looking for the best franchise to invest in

If you’re considering investing in a franchise, don’t overlook one of the best franchise opportunities around. With a DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen remodeling franchise, you can be a part of a brand with growing sales. See why Entrepreneur, Franchise Gator and Franchise Business Review frequently include us on their lists of the best franchise opportunities.

A bar graph with the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen logo in the top left and six progressively rising bars: "2011 495K | 2012 583K | 2013 700K | 2014 796 K | 2015 833K | 2016 952K." Text on the bottom reads “Average annual sales 2011-2016, as reported in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

“I think it’s very easy to think of your Subways and your McDonald’s and think that’s what franchising means. But there are different brands and different services out there that use the franchising model to build powerful businesses and brands,” says franchisee Jay Nutting.

Growing sales

DreamMaker franchisees have seen strong and consistent growth in their average sales, with average unit volume growing by 92% since 2011. This is more than triple the growth of the remodeling industry as a whole.*

We help franchisees achieve strong margins on those sales through group buying power that lowers your costs and systems that streamline administrative tasks.

Our sales process also helps you more accurately plan and price projects. Pricing can be a key advantage for DreamMaker owners; independent remodelers often lower their prices to chase sales at the expense of their margins. DreamMaker franchises can achieve strong margins on their work, thanks to our extensive sales training that helps you close deals by helping your clients understand the value and quality your prices enable you to provide.

Why remodeling?

The remodeling industry provides a monumental opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in launching a successful business; Statista and the Home Improvement Research Institute say that consumers spent an estimated $352 billion on remodeling in 2016. There are a number of trends that should power even further growth in the years to come, including rising rates of homeownership and the advanced age of many of those homes.

And the average revenues of a DreamMaker franchise compare favorably to many other types of franchises, and at a much lower investment. Our top-performing quarter of franchisees earned revenues of more than seven figures in 2016, according to our Franchise Disclosure Document. To achieve that volume at most restaurant franchises, you’re investing upwards of $500,000, and likely at considerably lower margins. Our initial investment ranges from $133,350 to $321,225, which includes living expenses to ensure you and your family are taken care of as your business ramps up.

A modern kitchen remodel, with white walls, stainless steel appliances and a vent over a black marble kitchen island. Unit store sales grew 92% between 2011 and 2016. The DreamMaker opportunity can help you achieve high revenue potential and strong margins, at a lower investment level than many other types of franchises.

Time to enjoy your life

Those strong margins afford you another valuable resource: time. They give you the room to invest in and build a team around you, so you don’t have to do everything yourself and can keep more reasonable working hours than many independent remodelers. That gives you more time for friends and family and also makes it easier for franchisees without remodeling experience to get into the business.

“We’re in business to make a profit,” says Ogden, UT, franchisee Nate Coombs. “I’m able to spend time with my family and still provide for them and have a successful business.”

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about what makes DreamMaker one of the best franchise opportunities to invest in, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

*Source: According to our 2017 FDD, DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Average Unit Store Sales Growth has increased 92% from 2011-2016. According to Statista and the Home Improvement Research Institute, remodeling sales growth has increased from $284 billion in 2011 to $352 billion in 2016, a 24% increase.

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