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With a DreamMaker franchise, our comprehensive training helps you get a head start on your home improvement business to hit the ground running

Even if you don’t have any experience in the industry, starting a home improvement business with a DreamMaker franchise might be the right decision for you. The reason why is simple: we have a dedicated, experienced franchise team that has the training, tools and processes to help motivated entrepreneurs run their home remodeling business successfully.

DreamMaker President and CSO Doug Dwyer speaks on a stage; a screen with the DreamMaker logo and “Strong Margins. Quality of Life.” is slightly out-of-focus in the background. Our experienced team has spent more than two decades refining our training and operations to help you achieve a greater degree of success.

Starting a home improvement business starts with strong training

From the very beginning, we’ve taken a hands-on approach to help new franchisees get familiar with the systems and processes of our home improvement franchise. We’ve continuously refined those systems to help operations run more smoothly for franchisees, and our powerful and time-tested tools mean that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

“There’s a very clear process for how to handle calls, how to handle leads, how to listen to customers and guide them through our process to sign contracts. The attention to detail follows through in the way projects are set up,” says franchisee Marty Cherrie. “What I came out of training understanding is that the system really is very integrated and has integrity, which helps us go out into the marketplace and live up to our core values.”

Simulation training gives you a hands-on head-start

We also help you go hands-on with what it’s like to be a DreamMaker owner, even before the business is up and running. Over the course of several weeks, new franchise owners immerse themselves in a comprehensive simulation training that takes them through nearly every aspect of the business, from keeping track of leads in our customer relationship management (CRM) system to going through the sales process to project management.

That means that when you open for business, you already have the ability to market your services, work with clients and provide great service. It gives you a head start by allowing you to train in a way that gives you more of a connection to what you’re learning than classroom training alone could provide.

Three franchisees sitting at a banquet table concentrate on a speaker who’s out of frame. Our close franchise network means you can learn from other experienced franchise owners, a perk that’s hard to find as an independent remodeler.

Learn with and from your peers

Aside from the training and support our franchise team can give you, franchise owners also learn from each other. They regularly participate in Next Level Groups, where groups of franchisees get together and travel to one of their locations to do a deep dive.

The other owners go in-depth into the business to see what the franchisee is doing well and help come up with ways to improve operations, while also learning valuable lessons they can bring back to their own franchises. The process has a level of openness and transparency that’s only possible in a franchise system where every owner is dedicated to each other’s success.

Franchisees form strong relationships in the Next Level Groups and through other events like our annual Reunion, and they frequently share advice and experiences.

“We really enjoy the camaraderie with other DreamMaker owners and the franchise team,” says Bakersfield, CA, franchisee Patty Gray. “Just being able to see what our fellow franchisees are doing helps us set benchmarks and improve our business.”

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about starting a home improvement business with DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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