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Strong remodeling industry growth means the time is right to start your own business

When you know you want to start a business, the appeal of franchising is easy to see. Tested business models, systems to follow and existing brand recognition provide obvious advantages.

Then comes the tough part: choosing which industry is right for you. The remodeling industry offers a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs.

Remodeling industry growth is the fastest in more than a decade

Here’s what the home improvement industry looks like today:

A white graphic with purple text titled “2018 Remodeling Industry Outlook” with the text “$339 billion estimated consumer spending | 7.5% projected industry growth | Fastest growth rate since 2007 | Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University.”

Compare that to the restaurant industry, another popular choice for franchise buyers. Sales in the restaurant industry have been flat or declining, according to QSR magazine, while the remodeling industry is seeing its fastest rates of growth in more than a decade.

Many restaurant franchises require initial investments of more than half a million dollars. Meanwhile, the cost to open a DreamMaker franchise ranges from $133,350 to $321,225, and the top-performing quarter of franchisees averaged $2,004,577 in sales in 2017, according to our current Franchise Disclosure Document.

These numbers don’t just reflect a one-time industry growth spurt, either; remodeling has risen consistently over the years, which is projected to continue into the future.

A purple line graph with white text titled “Leading Indicator of Remodeling Activity (in billions).” A line steadily rises as it goes through 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017, ending at “$339 billion” at the “2018 (projected)” point. Source: Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University

How franchisees can grab a bigger share

Unlike the restaurant industry, where brands like McDonald’s, Subway and Taco Bell have clear market leadership and a presence just about everywhere, home improvement is made up mostly of independent businesses.

That presents a great opportunity for DreamMaker franchisees: a segmented market means a standout provider can earn greater market share. Our platforms help you provide efficient, high-quality service. Our system is set up to help you achieve better margins than many independents are able to, which helps keep you more competitive and enables you to scale your business. And our long history in the business means you have our strong reputation and vast institutional knowledge to back you up.

Learn more about the growth of the remodeling industry

For in-depth details about the DreamMaker franchise opportunity, download our remodeling franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You can also visit our research pages to learn more about our home improvement franchise.

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