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DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchisees can provide an efficient and consistent client experience that helps earn more business

One of the many advantages of the DreamMaker home renovation franchise opportunity is how we help owners follow systems to create a better experience for both themselves and their clients.

Eric Anderson runs DreamMaker of East Georgia with his father, David, and his sister, Leesa. They transitioned their existing remodeling company into a DreamMaker franchise to create a business that was less reliant on them and allowed them to delegate more to their team.

David, Leesa and Eric Anderson of DreamMaker of East Georgia. David, Leesa and Eric Anderson of DreamMaker of East Georgia.

“I knew that the way I was running my business, it was all dependent on me, what I knew and what was in my head. There was no reason to believe that would change unless I implemented systems that I could teach to other people so I wouldn’t always be wearing all the hats,” Anderson says. “DreamMaker already had the whole package. Time is valuable, and now I don’t have to spend it trying to reinvent the wheel. In the end, I’ll come out far better off because of the investment I made in DreamMaker.”

How a consistent experience builds business

In the home improvement industry, being part of a brand with a proven track record can help you stand out in your market. With our 96% recommendation rate on GuildQuality, your potential clients can see for themselves how well DreamMaker’s systems perform.

Our entire process is designed to make the remodeling experience easier on your clients. Our training and project planning tools help you keep jobs efficient and cost-effective while minimizing the risk of unforeseen complications.

“The systematic approach makes it a much smoother process. They can feel comfortable that there’s a system in place, and we’re not just making it up as we go along. I think that’s a real benefit to clients,” says Anderson. “The system also helps prevent the normal delays that can be a regular part of a remodeling job. The client’s whole experience is a better, more professional experience than what I was able to offer before.”

Learn more about our home renovation franchise opportunity

For in-depth details about the DreamMaker franchise opportunity, download our remodeling franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You can also visit our research pages to learn more about our home improvement franchise.

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