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Our corporate staff and franchisees share a commitment to the values that help us go above and beyond in serving others

For our staff and our franchisees, being a faith-based company gives us a greater sense of purpose, one that guides us to build a profitable company and profitable franchises by treating customers and each other with the love and respect we all deserve. We believe strongly in our Code of Values™ and the way they help guide us to achieving success the right way. For franchisees, that powerful sense of purpose helps them create a business they can truly be proud of.

A franchisee extends a hand toward one of two other franchisees who have their backs to the camera. For many DreamMaker franchisees, the fact that we’re a faith-based company was the thing that intrigued them most.

Finding the right fit in our faith-based company

For many DreamMaker franchisees, the thing that brought them to us was the sense that something was missing from their current careers. Even with success in the corporate world, they felt a desire to do something that more strongly aligned with their values, something they found in DreamMaker.

“When I was still in corporate America, there was a nagging in my heart and I wondered, ‘Why has God not shown me my next step?’ I prayed hard to find the right fit for me,” says Huntsville, AL, franchisee Brent Bailey. “The hook that really got me with DreamMaker is its Code of Values. It’s really special and unique to a business.”

It’s one thing to find a company that touts its values, but it’s harder to find one that truly lives them. Our faith-based franchise takes our Code of Values™ seriously.

“One of the things I was surprised about when I first started researching DreamMaker was their values, which seemed to line up with my own, which was a pleasant surprise. But I wondered if they walked the talk,” says San Antonio, TX, franchisee Marty Cherrie. “After the interview and evaluation process, it was clear that the core values of the company weren’t just slogans on a wall. They were actually living it.”

A kitchen remodel with stone columns, hardwood cabinets, an off-white tile floor and dark gray countertops. Our values help franchisees serve their clients with integrity, which builds both your reputation and your business.

Helping us serve others

One of the key advantages of a DreamMaker franchise is the ability to build a strong team around you. Our values help you do that, because talented employees appreciate a company that values them not just as employees, but as family, while also allowing them to provide for their own.

“I think it’s also important to be driven and selfless. Sure, I want to make a good living, but I am not in business just to make a living for myself,” says Lansing, MI, franchise owner Mike Fischer. “I want my staff to have a comfortable living, and I want the people who have their lives touched by my staff to have their lives enhanced.”

Those values also help franchisees provide more value to clients. It guides us in achieving our goal of truly improving clients’ homes and even lives. Treating them with integrity and providing excellent service enhance your position in the market, lead to repeat and referral business and help you be proud of what you do.

“As I learned about the core values, I was impressed. It aligned with what I was trying to do to set myself apart,” says Fischer. “The things you can control are how you act, your professionalism, your values and your integrity. Those things make a huge difference for customers, and they make the business one you can be proud of.”

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about the franchise opportunity with our faith-based company, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages or our blog section for the latest news and updates.

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