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Our Annual Reunion celebrated the successes of our home renovation franchise opportunities and laid out new plans

We recently held our 2017 DreamMaker Annual Reunion, where we gather franchise owners and members of the DreamMaker team to come together, bond, share our experiences and map out our plans to continue strengthening and improving our home renovation franchise opportunities.

President and Chief Stewarding Officer Doug Dwyer speaks at the podium during the DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen Annual Reunion. At our Annual Reunion, DreamMaker owners listen to expert speakers, celebrate success at our awards ceremony and experience the sense of family and community that makes DreamMaker unique among home renovation franchise opportunities.

Ambitious vision to grow our home renovation franchise

At this year’s Reunion, President and Chief Stewarding Officer Doug Dwyer laid out a vision to triple the size of DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen over the next 10 years. We’re already a large company in the design-build world, but we know we can grow even more, so we’re looking to continue our strong sales and expand into new territories.

We’ve seen sustainable, consistent and rapid growth at our franchises over the past few years, and that gives us a great deal of confidence in the home improvement franchise opportunity and in the value clients see in our services. Our franchisees have seen average unit volume increase more than 92% over the past five years, and in 2016, our top quartile of franchisees earned an average of $1,999,867 in revenue, according to our 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document.

Our training and workflow systems help deliver high-quality remodels that clients will love. Our sales processes and pricing systems help deliver that service to clients at a fair price that properly values the work franchisees and their teams perform. Our vendor relationships and group buying power help our franchisees buy durable, beautiful materials while maintaining high profit margins. All of that has helped us build a thriving business that can meet our ambitious targets.

“When we first heard about DreamMaker and looked into it, those were the biggest things that intrigued us,” says Beaverton, OR, franchisee Joe Bender. “They had these systems and processes that would help us just plug into the system, follow it and train our people to do the same. We also have access to products not just at a contractor’s discount, but we’re set up as a dealer for those product lines.”

Two male franchisees and one female franchisee discuss something in the banquet hall as other attendees can be seen milling about in the background. DreamMaker franchisees gather and speak with each other on a regular basis. Our community gives owners more resources for support, advice and best business practices.

Supportive community

One of the most powerful advantages of owning a DreamMaker franchise comes from being a part of a supportive community, centered around the same values and holding the same goals for each other. That’s the reason we call it a “reunion,” not a convention; we’re not just a franchise network, we’re a family.

And that sense of community is something that our franchisees enjoy throughout the year, not just at our Reunion. We also have our Next Level Groups, which are groups of franchisees who visit each other’s DreamMaker locations and analyze each other’s businesses, improving their operations and strengthening their businesses by learning lessons from their shared experiences.

Two franchisees hold a conversation in front of a projector screen. Our business systems emphasize our franchisees’ profit margins, helping them build a better quality of life for themselves as their business creates better quality of life for their clients.

Quality of life, for clients and home renovation franchise owners

When it all comes down to it, the DreamMaker Annual Reunion is a celebration of the lives we strive to improve through our home renovation franchise opportunities.

For our franchisees’ clients, we improve lives through beautiful remodels in their homes, helping them find greater enjoyment in one of the most important assets of their lives. That should be the first goal of any remodeling company, and we know we achieve it thanks to our franchisees’ outstanding customer satisfaction scores.

We also strive to make our franchisees’ lives better than they were before they joined DreamMaker. We strive to help them achieve higher revenues and profit margins. We strive to help them make their clients happy. And we strive to make their businesses simpler and more efficient to run, so they can do what they love during the workday but still have time for friends, family and a personal life.

“We’re able to make the salary that we need to live comfortably, and we’re able to offer our employees the benefits that they need so they can live comfortably,” says Ogden, UT, franchisee Nate Coombs. “To me, quality of life means being able to support my family while also being able to spend time with them, to be able to have fun with them and not work away my life.”

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen’s home renovation franchise opportunities, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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