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God as CEO of DreamMaker &  the CSO

Doug Dwyer

By Doug Dwyer, President & CSO

I was recently sharing with someone on staff about my title as CSO (Chief Stewarding Officer) of DreamMaker, and what that means to me. Since purchasing the company back in 2003, I have never named myself as CEO of DreamMaker, even though I am the earthly owner and head of the company. Rather, my official title is President and CSO. 

There are several reasons for this somewhat unusual title selection. And if I’m not CEO, who is? Simply put, God, my Heavenly Father, is CEO of DreamMaker Corporate.

Some backstory: When making the decision to purchase DreamMaker, I wanted to be sure that this was in God’s will for me - I didn’t want to rush into something without His blessing. As I prayed and thought about the decision, I felt peace and confidence about taking the next step and becoming the owner of DreamMaker. Around that same time, I completed the audio program God’s Principles for Operating a Business. I also read a book by Stanley Tam titled God Owns My Business. Both of these had a large impact on the way I viewed business and my role in it. When I first purchased DreamMaker, I knew I wasn’t above the self-important tendencies of thinking “I did this” or “look at me”, so from the beginning, I resolved and promised God to never name myself CEO of DreamMaker in order to protect against pride. Instead, I decided to look at God as CEO of this business - a constant reminder of who is actually in charge and the ultimate owner.

So where does the CSO title come in? God had put some different titles in front of me in addition to being President, and after thinking about them I came up with one similar but slightly different. This particular title rang true for me, and I asked Him if I could add it. After some prayer and quiet time God affirmed that I had His permission. The title was Chief Stewarding Officer, or CSO for short.

In researching, I found that stewardship meant to manage something on behalf of someone else, at their direction. So, I consult with God as CEO of DreamMaker for direction about the future and for daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual and longer term decisions, and I report to Him in leading DreamMaker (I give it my best and yet it is imperfect this side of Heaven). With this organization, we are continually working to get better in business with love and excellence, grounded in God’s truth, and this is reflected in our mission statement:

 To Glorify God
To be Faithful Stewards
And to Positively Impact Lives.*

With God as CEO, following are a few of the results He’s led us to produce:

Franchise Business ReviewFBR Top Franchises 2022
  • #1 in Home Services Industry 2 years in a row
  • Top 50 in our category (75 units or less) 8 years in a row
  • Top 50 overall regardless of size for 3 years now 
  • 97% Recommendation Rate (on all the customers our franchisees turned to be surveyed to GQ)           
NAICS - North American Industry Classification System
  • Our average franchise produced $1,451,000 in annual revenue in 2021, which puts them in the Top 5% in revenue of remodelers in the country. Our number one franchise is in the Top .5% (top half of percent).
The Reason for these Results?

These results are accomplished by following God’s lead with our Mission, Vision, Code of Values, and developing above-average systems and excellent teams. These teams start with our DreamMaker headquarters staff, franchisees, their teams, vendors, strategic partners, and the end-user client whom our franchisees serve so well.

As President and Chief Stewarding Officer of DreamMaker Corporate, I look to God as CEO, and I trust Him to lead and guide me as I steward this company on His behalf and with His help. It has been a blessing to be in this role for the past two decades, and I look forward to all that God has in store for DreamMaker in the years to come.



* More detailed version of our Headquarters Mission Statement:

To Glorify God – in all that we do.

To be Faithful Stewards – of all the resources entrusted to us: time, talent, treasures. This includes making a profit.

To Positively Impact Lives – to teach our principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier, more successful lives.


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