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How the DreamMaker Franchise Opportunity Helps Female Entrepreneurs Strive

Over the past 10 years, the growth in female business ownership has increased rapidly and we don’t see it stopping any time soon! Female entrepreneurs have vast professional skill sets that help them strive as business owners. The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) states that more than 11 billion firms are owned by women, and that one in every five firms with a revenue of $1 million or more are owned by women.

Female EntrepreneurAt DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we see and celebrate the professional skills female entrepreneurs have, and that is why we have built a franchise opportunity that could help female entrepreneurs earn strong margins while owning a business they are passionate about. You might wonder, “I do have a passion for remodeling and design, but can I own a DreamMaker remodeling franchise without remodeling experience?” The answer is YES! Remodeling experience can be helpful, but it’s the business skills that really help a remodeling franchise succeed. If you have an interest in home remodeling and design, but you also have a passion owning a business that could enhances people’s lives, then DreamMaker could be for you. Dawn Colvin, General Manager of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Reno, states:


Although I had no experience in the remodeling industry, it has been great for me to see that many of the business and operational management skills I have from past experience are applicable to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. While I am still learning the new content of home design and remodeling, the structure of the business systems is very relatable. Additionally, I feel that I can bring a fresh perspective to our team in some of the business management aspects.”


Finding an industry to research the right franchise opportunity for female entrepreneurs can be difficult, but we can say female professionals are thriving in the male-dominant, remodeling industry. Women can offer more detailed and thorough work, and that is crucial on the managerial side of remodeling businesses. Owner of DreamMaker of Bakersfield, Patty Gray, shares:

Patty Gray-1


“[My husband] was happy to release the reins to me to manage the company and build the culture because he was confident in my strengths and he was humble enough to allow me to play to those strengths. There is so much more to owning a remodeling franchise than understanding construction and like any business, you can understand your craft but have no understanding of business or managing people.”


Leesa Anderson, General Manager & Chief Financial Officer for DreamMaker of East Georgia and recent winner of DreamMaker’s Woman of the Year Award, also shares:

Leesa-1“The more we learned about DreamMaker, the more it became apparent that if we were going to own and run a franchise, I would need to have more involvement with the management and leadership of the company. In fact, DreamMaker showed us that in order to be successful in this business, it is just as important to make strong financial and business decisions as it is to make sure we are providing excellent remodeling work and an exceptional customer service experiences for our clients. I began to see how important my role is to the ongoing success of our company. Since joining DreamMaker, my role in the business has continued to grow.”

If you are a female entrepreneur looking for the right franchise opportunity that allows you to grow as a business professional or to take that first step into business ownership, then click the button below to learn more about DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen. We appreciate the strong skill sets women bring to business ownership and to the remodeling industry, and that is why we award a female team member in the DreamMaker network the Woman of the Year Award. Check out our blog listing some of DreamMaker’s past Woman of the Year winners.

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