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Hire the Right Help: Tips for Vetting Subcontractors and Employees

When you run your own business, it is vital that you hire a team you can trust. Surrounding yourself with hard-working, highly qualified people will only help you succeed. But when you own your own remodeling franchise, this becomes even more important. After all, you are not just hiring employees. You also need to establish a strong network of subcontractors who will promptly perform exceptional work.

If that sounds like a daunting hurdle, don’t worry. Hiring a dedicated team is easier than you think. Below you will find our tips for vetting subcontractors and employees. Read on to pick up a few pointers—then happy hiring!

Do Your Due Diligence

This step is one of the first you will take before moving forward with subcontractors or employees. Look at their track record and employment history. Take the time to speak with their references. And, since we live in a new online world, glance through their social media history. You can do a quick vetting of employees this way. But you will also find any public feedback on the subcontractors.

Check Bonding and Insurance

All subcontractors are required to have bonding and insurance. It should be an automatic “no” if your potential subs don’t have their paperwork in order.

Do They Have a Quality Control Process?

Good subcontractors will have a procedure to certify the quality of their work. If a subcontractor does not have existing QC systems, look elsewhere.

Ask Open Ended Questions

When it comes time to interview potential employees and subcontractors, always ask open-ended questions. And give them time to answer thoughtfully. The nature of the questions will vary based on which position you are hiring for. However, you would be surprised at what you can learn just by giving people a chance to talk.

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