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DreamMaker™ Bath and Kitchen makes a great choice for young entrepreneurs seeking to start a family business franchise

No need for an MBA to start a DreamMaker franchise Today, many young entrepreneurs are eschewing business school and opting for a family business franchise instead.

Conventional wisdom and societal expectations have a lot to do with the fact that in the Fall of 2016, according to the National Center For Education Statistics, an estimated 20.5 million people were enrolled in college in the U.S., an increase of about 5.2 million since the year 2000. Many go on to graduate school and beyond, spending tens of thousands of dollars on an education that they hope will bring them a nice return on their investment. However, many entrepreneurs are turning conventional wisdom on its head by skipping the years of classroom time and six-figure cost of a graduate degree, and heading straight into family business franchise ownership.

Why some people choose franchising over grad school

According to a recent article by Bloomberg, MBA students at top schools can easily spend $150,000 in costs by the time they graduate with their degree,  over and above the cost of earning their undergraduate degrees.

But a recent trend shows that many would-be students are skipping business school and jumping right into business, much to their parents’ relief, no doubt. Their thinking is that with an MBA they can learn about business and make money, but with a franchise, they can learn to operate their own business, make money, plus build equity in a profitable entity that becomes an asset to them and their family.

The Andersons of DreamMaker East Georgia Eric Anderson, along with his father, David, and sister, Leesa, own a DreamMaker™ Bath and Kitchen franchise in Swainsboro, GA.

Why is DreamMaker™ Bath and Kitchen a great choice for a family business franchise?

Young entrepreneurs are partnering with their business-savvy parents. The young entrepreneur can provide the energy and drive for the business, while the parent provides guidance and mentorship with the support and structure of the franchise system. DreamMaker™ Bath and Kitchen has clearly defined systems that are a recipe for success and easy for the young entrepreneur to learn and follow.

Learn more about DreamMaker™ Bath and Kitchen

To learn more about DreamMaker™ Bath and Kitchen as a family business franchise opportunity, as well as our business model for building one of the industry’s most successful remodeling franchises, visit our research pages.

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