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DreamMaker is a Franchise With Strong Values

When you join the DreamMaker team you join more than just a franchise. You join a family. We firmly believe in developing quality relationships with all our franchisees. And what helps those relationships stand the test of time is our value system. We call it our Code of Values™. It lies at the heart of each interaction and defines how we expect our franchisees to run their businesses.

Our Code of Values™
Our values offer a faith-based business model that defines what we do, how we do it, and how we treat people. Our system ensures that we treat everyone with integrity and respect in every interaction:

Customer Service—We provide superior service to every customer, the community we serve, and our DreamMaker family.

Being Thankful—It is important to count our blessings everyday and in every way.

Success—Success results from cooperative, clear, and positive thinking in all things we do, with knowledge that our Creator wants us to succeed humbly, with his unwavering guidance.

Loyalty—Loyal to our Creator, ourselves, and our customers adds meaning to our lives. 

Respect—Management should look for and acknowledge things people do right, and treat all associates with respect.

Constant Growth—All challenges should be seen as learning opportunities, and tools for growth.

Our Goal—Everyone has untapped potential, and we fulfill our mission every time we help someone achieve theirs. 

Never Give Up—We must always re-earn our blessing and position every day in every way.. 

Free Enterprise—We believe in building a strong and sustainable free enterprise system. So we strive to attract strong, committed people to join the DreamMaker team.

Our Vision Statement:
To serve and enrich peoples’ lives with dignity, excellence, humility and respect, while encouraging and inspiring others to do the same.

Our Corporate Mission:
To glorify God;
To be faithful stewards;
To positively impact lives.

DreamMaker franchise owners are a strong community. They consistently care for and strive to help one another succeed.

If you are interested in exploring whether this bathroom and kitchen remodeling franchise opportunity is a great fit for you and your family, reach out to our team today.

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