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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is named Business of the Year

Mission Waco, Mission World named DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Business of the Year at the nonprofit’s annual banquet Feb 18 at the Waco Convention Center.

DreamMaker Wins Business of the YearAt DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we sign and adhere to the company’s biblically-based “Code of Values” — which includes respecting and treating all members of the DreamMaker network with respect, while having fun in the process. Our Code of Values are the foundation of the business model that we have created, that has helped our home remodeling business opportunity stand out to competitors. With our Code of Values, we have been able to build a respectable and trustworthy brand name. When deciding on the right franchise opportunity for yourself, it’s important to research what the brand stands for and consider the brand you would like to build your business on.

According to DreamMaker President and Chief Stewarding Officer Doug Dwyer, this means listening carefully to understand what is being said and acknowledging that what is said is important to the speaker; responding in a timely fashion to requests and questions; and only making “above-board” agreements that the company is willing, able, and intends to keep, among other values.

For more than 20 years, DreamMaker has listened and learned, and has been able to build a home remodeling business opportunity that has helped business owners earn strong margins and live the quality of life they deserve. All while growing a respected brand name for themselves and their businesses by giving clients a world-class remodeling experience.

President, Doug Dwyer states, “We believe in, and advocate for, superior service to our customers, our community, and to each other as members of the DreamMaker team. We count our blessings every day in every way.”

Each year, the Mission Waco, Mission World staff nominates volunteers, individuals, churches, and businesses that have significantly impacted its outreach programs and ministry.

“This is measured in the number of community service hours, community awareness, and/or philanthropic contributions. During the banquet, we acknowledge award winners by presenting each with a “Divine Servant” sculpture of Jesus washing feet, a depiction representing Christian servanthood,” according to Mission Waco/Mission World Development Director Joyce Brammer.

“DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen surely represents this calling through its willingness and generous support and affirmation of Mission Waco/Mission World’s efforts, for which we are truly grateful.”

Respected Remodeling Franchise Wins Award

About DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

For over 20 years, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen strives to deliver the systems and support to help business owners earn strong margins and live the quality of life they deserve. DreamMaker’s focus is honesty – to treat people with respect and integrity. Over the last two decades, this focus has led DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen to be named as a Top 50 Franchise brand in Franchisee Satisfaction by Franchise Business Review six years in a row. In addition to our franchisee satisfaction, this focus has built our franchisees’ a reputation for serving clients through honesty and superior craftsmanship which has earned them a 96% recommendation rate from customers submitted by its franchisees.

If you are ready to start a remodeling business with an established, respectable brand name, then it’s time to consider owning a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise! Click the link below to gain more information about our home remodeling franchise opportunity from our Free Franchise Report.

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