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DreamMaker Answers 10 Important Questions About Our Remodeling Franchise Opportunity

1. How much is my total initial investment for buying a franchise and what does it all include?

In Item 7 of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s 2019 Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), the initial investment ranges from $142,575 to $364,550. You might wonder why there is a large gap in the investment range. Those converting their existing remodeling company usually fall on the lower end of the investment, compared to those starting a remodeling business from the ground up fall in the higher end of the investment range. This is based on the assets existing remodeling businesses might already possess that are included in the initial investment.

2. Do I need remodeling experience?

DreamMaker Remodeling TeamWhen owning a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, it is not required that you have remodeling experience. We do ask that you have an interest in remodeling and a passion for enhancing lives. If you are curious in knowing if you are the right fit for DreamMaker, read more on our “Am I A Fit?” page.

3. How many other locations are there?

DreamMaker has a network of 34 franchisees, and 36 franchise locations across the nation.

4. What support do you provide to franchisees that helps them build revenues during their first six to 12 months of operation?

DreamMaker Branding - Remodeling Franchise Opportunity

We understand that the first year in business is crucial to building brand awareness and bringing in customers. That is why the initial investment includes a 12-month custom marketing plan. A marketing strategist will visit you during training to research the target audience and research your local competitors. The 12-month custom marketing plan also includes advertising in your area, printed marketing collateral, a website, a social media management tool and much more. You will also have a team of marketing specialists and a franchise coach as a resource.

Not only do we provide the marketing strategy and training you need, but we also provide areas of training in design, sales, technology and other business areas needed to succeed. 

5. What are the franchisor's expectations of their franchise owners?

DreamMaker has been around for over 20 years, and we have learned many lessons over the years in building our systems. When someone is buying a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise, they are buying the time-tested systems we have created from our experience. Our expectation of franchise owners is to follow the systems and have trust in the process.

6. Why do you require a Design Center?

DreamMaker Remodeling Franchise Opportunity - Design CenterDreamMaker Design Centers is one of the unique offerings that will set you apart from competitors in the marketplace. We have learned that Design Centers help clients feel more confident in their decision to remodel. It gives a place for clients to be educated on the remodeling process and the material used. Our Design Centers are fully-transactional and convenient for DreamMaker clients, creating a more efficient decision-making process. Finally, the Design Center creates value by allowing clients the opportunity to feel the product and see them in a room layout. Over the years, DreamMaker has seen the importance and value of having a design center.

7. Do you provide extra financial assistance?

In Item 10 of our FDD, it explains that under special conditions, DreamMaker may agree to finance up to 70% of the initial fee. Also, stated under Item 10 of our FDD, “[DreamMaker] may periodically agree to third party lenders to make financing available to qualified franchisees, and [DreamMaker] may, in our sole discretion, refer you to a third party lender to assist in financing in your DreamMaker franchise.”

8. Is the franchise opportunity passive ownership?

The DreamMaker franchise opportunity is NOT passive ownership. In Item 15 of our FDD, it states “[DreamMaker owners] must directly perform or supervise the operation of the franchise unless we consent otherwise.”

9. How do I choose a franchise opportunity?

DreamMaker Franchise Opportunity - Supportive Franchise NetworkFinding the right franchise opportunity to invest in is a big life decision, so we advise candidates to do their due diligence. Talk with the franchisor and really get to know one another. It’s important that the franchise opportunity is right for you, and we like to know if you are right for DreamMaker. Take the time to research the franchise opportunity. Really understand what you are investing in, and make sure that is something you are willing to invest the time and money in. Finally, talk to franchisees. Ask them questions that franchisors cannot answer directly, and get validation that the franchise opportunity can work for you.

10. Why should I choose buying a franchise over starting my own business?

We have learned that the main reason people go with franchising over starting their own remodeling business, is the systems that are already in place and the network of ongoing support. Starting a remodeling business can be a stressful journey, but the help of a remodeling franchise opportunity, like DreamMaker, can help limit that stress by supporting you through the journey and giving you the training needed to succeed.

If you are curious to learn more and have more questions you would like answered about DreamMaker's Franchise Opportunity, then click the button below to download our FREE Franchise Report. Our franchise recruiter will connect with you soon, and they'd be happy to answer any questions you might have and see if we can help you take the first step to owning a remodeling business.

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