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New compensation plan for Lead Carpenters allows DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise owners to recruit and keep best talent

DreamMaker franchise DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise is introducing new management software to its franchisees.

One of the biggest challenges a remodeler faces is recruiting and retaining carpentry’s top talent. In today’s market, there is a labor shortage due to an aging workforce, those who left during trhe recession who never returned, and companies compete to hire the best carpenters. DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchisees have an edge in choosing the best carpenters, but how can a DreamMaker franchisee measure carpenters’ performance over time?

With proprietary software EMT2, one important feature is that it estimates the time and materials for each project and tracks the results daily. It’s a tool that allows DreamMaker franchise owners to schedule jobs efficiently, and it also offers lead carpenters the opportunity to earn more by completing those jobs ahead of schedule and to customers’ complete satisfaction.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and remodelers earn strong financial numbers while focusing on their quality of life. Our franchise owners enjoy much stronger margins than most remodelers, and their customers report much higher satisfaction. DreamMaker's business practices are guided by biblical principles of service, respect, and integrity, and they are key to our success.

How the compensation plan works

The EMT2 software provides a great compensation tool for DreamMaker franchise owners that motivates lead carpenters to be efficient with their time. It projects the amount of time and materials required to complete a job, and if lead carpenters oversee a project that ends before the completion date, they earn bonuses.

“EMT2 has a complicated compensation plan built into it,” says DreamMaker President and Chief Stewarding Officer Doug Dwyer. “It incentivizes the carpenters who make the most efficient use of their time.”

It is a challenge to create a truly innovative compensation plan that still complies with all labor laws. That is where DreamMaker leveraged technology to simplify the process. Think of it like cars — most people cannot repair one themselves and don’t really understand all their interworking, but they can effectively use them. With the proprietary compensation plan built into our proprietary technology system, we truly have a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

DreamMaker has helped existing remodelers take their operations to the next level by providing training, systems, and support. Those resources also have helped entrepreneurs without a remodeling background to launch businesses that are among DreamMaker's top performers.

EMT2 helps carpenters earn and franchise owners save

A problem for remodelers employing carpenters is how their hours translate into total hours in a job. When carpenters are not busy, they may slow jobs down, and efficiency and profits decline.

When EMT2 quotes a price on a job, it estimates a reasonable amount of labor hours. If the job is tricky and takes three weeks to perform, then it will pay out for three weeks of hours. But a motivated lead carpenter who completes the job in two weeks essentially gets paid for three weeks through a proprietary bonus program. This opens up the carpenter’s time for more projects, or perhaps for a little vacation. As the business becomes more efficient, lead carpenters can take on more work and increase potential earnings. The company wins because of the increased productivity with the same employee and associated fixed overhead cost savings as a percentage.

Incentives also give the franchisee more opportunities to save. They help attract carpenters who have the drive to make more money, work hard, and work smarter — which is especially valuable in today’s market, when fewer people are working in the trades. It’s becoming quite difficult for employers to find carpenters who have both great skills and a great work ethic. EMT2, through our innovative compensation plan, will bring the greater craftspeople to our franchisees’ doors once they see how easy it is to earn more money on the same kind of job.

Dreamaker-New-Remodeling-Software DreamMaker’s new software projects the amount of time and materials needed for a remodeling job.

Compensation plan attracts top-notch carpenters

Dave Burke of Ann Arbor, Michigan, has been a carpenter for more than 20 years and says he’s never seen a compensation plan as good as this. When he was hired on at a DreamMaker franchise a few years ago, he thought the EMT2 system was too good to be true. But what he found was a winning situation for everyone involved. The system helped avoid extra labor hours and over-ordering of building materials, while carpenters moved quickly from one project on to the next, earning more money in the same amount of time.

“Even the customers are happier because we’re out of their house earlier,” Dave says.

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