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DreamMaker franchisees have rising average sales and can earn more business by offering more services with our bath and kitchen franchise opportunities

If you’re looking at kitchen franchise opportunities, we think you should expand beyond kitchen-only brands and consider opening a DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchise. There are a lot of similarities between remodeling a kitchen and remodeling a bathroom, so offering both services allows you and your team to apply the same skills while accessing a broader client base.

And why DreamMaker? Our franchisees’ average unit volumes have increased 92% since 2011, according to our 2017 Franchise Disclosure Document, and we’ve been named to the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 for six years running. We have comprehensive training, award-winning franchisee satisfaction and systems that help franchise owners achieve higher margins on the projects they take on.

A bar graph with the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen logo in the top left and six progressively rising bars: "2011 495K | 2012 583K | 2013 700K | 2014 796 K | 2015 833K | 2016 952K." Text on the bottom reads “Average annual sales 2011-2016, as reported in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Opportunities abound in kitchen remodeling and more

The remodeling industry is growing strongly, topping $350 billion in 2016, according to Statista and the Home Improvement Research Institute. Both kitchen and bathroom remodels are among the most frequent projects, whether homeowners are looking to increase their home’s value, retrofit them for aging-in-place or simply get more enjoyment out of their most frequently used spaces.

"Strengthening housing market conditions are encouraging owners to invest in more discretionary home improvements, such as kitchen and bath remodeling and room additions,” said Chris Herbert, managing director of the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies, in a segment for CNBC.

But while the industry is growing, many remodelers still struggle to achieve the margins they need to run a profitable business. Strong margins allow owners to grow the business, expand their team and enjoy a higher quality of life. From our vendor relationships to our pricing estimation systems to our sales training, we help franchise owners put the pieces in place to charge an accurate and fair price while providing top-quality work at a great value for their clients.

A view of a newly remodeled kitchen, with dark wooden cabinets, a marble backsplash and counters, leather-upholstered stools and a centerpiece of flowers on the kitchen island. DreamMaker franchisees are a talented group who create award-winning kitchen remodels for their clients.

Repeat business goes beyond the kitchen

Quality is key for any kitchen remodeler. DreamMaker helps you access group buying discounts at top-quality vendors, and our processes help you complete projects more quickly and efficiently. That not only enables you to take on more jobs, it also greatly increases client satisfaction, leading to enthusiastic referrals and repeat business.

But for remodelers who specialize solely in kitchens, it can be a little harder to take advantage of repeat business. If you do a great job, you’re likely to be at the top of the list the next time the kitchen needs a remodel – but that’s also likely to be many years away. There’s always word-of-mouth and referrals from satisfied customers, but even that’s more limited when your scope is limited, too.

By expanding beyond the kitchen, you can take advantage of repeat business opportunities and be in a better position to take on referral projects, whether the prospective client needs a kitchen or a bath remodel. And of course, most homes have multiple bathrooms, meaning more frequent business opportunities. Between the large-scale kitchen projects and the multitude of bathroom remodels, DreamMaker franchise owners get the best of both worlds.

A kitchen remodel showcasing sleek gray countertops, stainless steel appliances and a mix of white and gray wooden cabinets. A painting of pears and a vase full of red flowers are visible at the right side of the frame. Strong margins help make the growing kitchen remodeling industry even more enticing for DreamMaker franchise owners.

DreamMaker franchisees can even go beyond just kitchens and baths, as some franchisees also offer remodeling services throughout the home. Our systems and support translate to those expanded projects, helping full-home remodelers enjoy the same advantages in project management and vendor relationships that they get in the bathroom and kitchen.

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about what makes DreamMaker one of the best kitchen franchise opportunities, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You can also learn more by visiting our home improvement franchise research pages.

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