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Franchise Business Review spoke to the ‘real franchise experts’ – DreamMaker franchise owners – and ranked us near the top out of hundreds of franchises

When Franchise Business Review evaluates the top franchise business opportunities, they talk to the people who matter most – the franchise owners themselves. And we’re glad they did, because the DreamMaker franchise owner satisfaction scores ranked us near the top out of hundreds of companies.

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FBR asks franchisees more than 50 questions on a range of topics, including core values, the franchise community and the financial opportunity. We could tell you why we think franchise owners rated us so highly, but we’re sure you’d rather hear it straight from them:

Core values – A faith-based franchise

“The values that DreamMaker has as a faith-based franchise are hugely important to us,” says Emily Coombs, a franchisee in Ogden, UT, with her husband, Nate, and his father, Steve. “That provides a good, positive environment in our home and in our business life. Knowing that DreamMaker is committed to those values makes it a family-friendly business to be in.”

“When I was still in corporate America, there was a nagging in my heart and I wondered, ‘Why has God not shown me my next step?’ I prayed hard to find the right fit for me,” says franchisee Brent Bailey of Huntsville, AL. “I went on a franchise site and DreamMaker popped up as a match for me. The next day I got a call from their recruiter, and with every discussion it was more and more obvious that this was the path I needed to take, because DreamMaker delivers on their Code of Values.”

A kitchen remodel with beige floor tiles, white cabinets and black countertops and appliances. Satisfied DreamMaker franchise owners also have satisfied clients, creating great word-of-mouth recommendations that generate more leads and help them grow.

Franchise community – A supportive network

“The most powerful part of being in an organization like this is interacting with the other DreamMaker franchise owners. You can always call them up and ask them questions,” says Curt Trampe, a franchisee in Springfield, IL, who transitioned his handyman business into a DreamMaker franchise. “One of the first things you do when you join is visit an established franchise to learn from the owner’s hands-on experience. That brought me to a whole new level of understanding my business.”

“One of the things I didn’t anticipate was how invaluable the support you get from other franchisees is,” says Bailey. “You’ve got dozens of individuals who are an open book to you, and you can rely on them.”

Financial opportunity – ‘Strong Margins, Quality of Life’

“I knew that we needed to build a business that would not be about me, but would be about my employees and our systems, and I felt that a franchise would get us to that point. Why reinvent the wheel when somebody’s already figured it out?” says Trampe. “We’ve been able to grow the volume of our business significantly; we’re doing about 2.5 times the sales of what we did previously, with basically the same number of employees. I feel great about having built a business that can achieve my long-term goals.”

“We’re in business to make a profit. I’m able to spend time with my family and still provide for them and have a successful business,” says Nate Coombs. “As owners, we’re able to achieve the salary that we want and need for our quality of life, and we’re able to offer our employees the benefits that they need. And it goes a step further, because the strong margins also enable us to offer our clients a more enjoyable experience.”

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about becoming a DreamMaker franchise owner, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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