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Franchisees’ passion and drive plus our marketing and systems equal an attractive remodeling franchise opportunity

One of the main reasons people start a remodeling business is because they love the work and they’re good at it. Designing, installing and seeing the transformation of a remodel all provide a great level of satisfaction. However, it takes a lot to turn that talent into a business, and many independent owners need help with all the work that’s required behind the scenes. That’s what makes the kitchen and bath remodeling franchise opportunity so appealing.

“One thing I like about DreamMaker is it helps you understand the business side of remodeling. Many people are experts in carpentry or actually doing the remodeling itself, but what about the business?” says Grand Rapids, MI, franchisee Bill Wolf. “The marketing, the numbers, the profit margins, the customer service, hiring and firing, all those different aspects of business. I’d had no training in or support for that at all. So DreamMaker came along and had some ideas and systems in place that were highly appropriate for a business like ours.”

Marketing to stand out

There are thousands of independent remodelers in the market, and that makes it tough for even the most talented people to stand out. With national brand recognition, reputation and marketing materials DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen provides, our franchisees can use the remodeling franchise opportunity to get better exposure in the marketplace and earn more business.

“You know, we preach to prospective clients that you want to hire a professional because you’ll get a much better result. The same thing is true for marketing,” says Chicago-area franchise owner Glen Borkowski. “DreamMaker has a marketing department with trained people who obviously will do a better job than me. They have created a wealth of different marketing pieces that we can access online, and with a couple of strokes of the keyboard, you can order custom pieces and have direct mail sent out.”

Cutting costs for a bigger business

Smaller, independent remodelers often have to compete in the marketplace solely on price. That can lead to a race to the bottom that puts margins at the breaking point. With our group buying power and preferred vendor relationships, DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchisees have the chance to improve their margins through great prices on the materials and products they use in their remodeling jobs.

Two DreamMaker franchisees, one in a white, branded button-down and the other in a blue, branded button-down, stand in a remodeled kitchen. Our well-established vendor relationships can help franchisees get a better price on the products they provide, leading to better margins for the business.

With better margins, they can also afford to hire a larger, skilled staff and put more of the focus where it belongs: on providing excellent service that lives up to what their clients expect and deserve. It does mean that DreamMaker isn’t likely to be the cheapest option for clients, but with the level of service and quality of remodels our franchisees provide, it’s still the best value, and outstanding client satisfaction bears that out.

Open a DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchise

To find out more about DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen’s remodeling franchise opportunity, download our free franchise report and start a conversation with us. You can also learn more by visiting our research pages.

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