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3 Ways to Position Yourself as a Competitive KITCHEN AND BATH BUSINESS Leader 

DreamMaker's 2018 Sales Leader of the Year, Lee and Brenda Willwerth

When owning a franchise in a competitive industry, like home service remodeling, it is important to position yourself as the trusted leader clients want to turn to.  A lot of business owners are leaders, but few can be considered competitive leaders. Being a competitive leader means positioning your remodeling franchise, team and customers for tomorrow. At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, we understand the importance of positioning our franchisees as competitive leaders in a growing and competitive industry. We have created systems and offer training to help business owners take on three tactics that can help them become competitive leaders in their market.

1. Be Adaptable

From being in business for over 20 years, we have learned that the business landscape, particularly in the remodeling industry, is dynamic. With technology advancing everyday there are always new ways to do things that are more cost effective, eco-friendly and time efficient. Being able to keep up with all these changes is critical when owning a remodeling business. As a leader, you want your team and customers to know that you can take on these new changes and embrace them. A leader that welcomes new ideas will encourage their team and stand out to their customers. Being prepared for constant changes and new ideas will help you stand out and be more confident to all.

2. Be Timely

In the remodeling industry, it is vital to be efficient with your time and your customer’s time. Being timely doesn’t mean being too speedy and rushing through things. Being timely means making the most of your time and not wasting any of it. When scheduling a remodeling project, it’s important to plan out all the operations with enough time to execute all aspects of the project in an efficient manner, without disrupting the customer’s life for a long period of time. While some projects take more than others, they can be planned accordingly with proper planning. In the end, making the most of your time creates a happy customer, a happy team and an organized calendar.

3. Be Customer Focused

Older couple purchasing remodeling services from DreamMaker Bath & KitchenWhen owning a remodeling business, it is key to focus on putting the customer’s long-term relationship above everything else. From the moment a person becomes a lead, you want them to feel like your remodeling business is truly treating them with respect, integrity and focusing on their needs. This creates a positive experience for the person, whether they decide to purchase your services or not. When a customer has a positive experience and feels valued, then they are more likely to return for repeat purchases or refer you to their friends and family. Creating and maintaining “customers for life” is critical, as your past clients can become your marketing allies.


For the last 20 years, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has been helping business owners position themselves as competitive leaders in their communities. We have created systems to help our franchisees succeed in the remodeling industry and stand out against their competitors by caring for clients, being timely and being adaptable. At DreamMaker, we aim “to serve and enrich people’s lives with dignity, excellence, humility and respect, while encouraging and inspiring others to do the same” (DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Company Vision). We strive to help make sure business owners’ current and future goals are setting them up to own a successful remodeling franchise until they decide to sell their businesses. 

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