There. Has. Got. To. Be. A. Better. Way. There is! Convert your existing remodeling business with a DreamMaker franchise

Are you ready to scale your remodeling or renovation business in Bell County but have hit some roadblocks? We have a skilled franchise management team ready to assist existing business owners. We can help you overcome common problems and successfully convert your remodeling business in Bell County with our remodeling franchise opportunity:

  • Generating leads
  • Staffing matters
  • Adapt to technological advancements
  • Understanding where to expand
  • Struggles with production or sales


If you have considered the services of a business coach, we would love to talk. Our franchise management team will speak to you about the training, mentoring, marketing support, systems, and vendor relationships you can expect with DreamMaker. You will then have the information you need to decide if we are a good fit to help you scale your remodeling business in Bell County through franchise conversion.

The Start-up Costs

Item 7 - Your Estimated Initial Investment

         DM_It. 7 - Your Estimated Initial Investment (3)

(Conversions' initial investment fall more in the lower-end of the investment total, as start-ups initial franchise investment fall in the higher-end of the total investment )




Reference table 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document and you will see the estimated costs needed to launch your DreamMaker franchise. Those figures will naturally be lower for current established business owners. You will want to assess your operations to determine the initial investment for the franchise conversion of your Bell County remodeling business. 

A few things to consider are current staffing and equipment levels and whether you have a storefront. 

As a part of our remodeling franchise opportunity for your Bell County business, you do not need to pay the complete amount up front. It is possible to find third-party financing options if needed. We require a net worth of at least $400,000 to $500,000 with liquid capital of $150,000.

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