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Three Ways to Find “A” Players for Your Business

When starting a remodeling business, or any business, you must recruit the right employees for yourDreamMaker of Ann Arbor's team image team. Your team represents your business, especially in the remodeling industry. The presence of great people does not go unnoticed by remodeling clients – many of our franchisees’ GuildQuality reviews mention the professionalism and expertise of their designers, contractors, office managers, and other team members. In our previous blog, The Four Secrets to Recruiting “A” Players, we talked about the process to recruiting “A” players for your remodeling business. Now you might be wondering how do I find these “A” players for my team? Continue reading the three ways to find “A” players, and real-life examples of how they have worked.

Observational Prospecting:

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen’s president and Chief Stewarding Officer, Doug Dwyer, had a successful experience with observational prospecting. Doug attended a NARI (National Association of Remodeling Industry) event during a time that he needed to add on additional support managers. He started to ask around for referrals and one of the guys that he asked, ended up being the guy he hired. Doug went where the people were and was able to find the “A” player he was looking for.

Referral Prospecting:

Some of the best “A” players come from referrals. If you have a position that needs filling, then ask around and get referrals from other trusting business professionals. Doug was able to fill a position with an “A” player from a referral given to him at the International Franchisee Association (IFA). He was sitting next to a consultant and trainer, and he shared with him his need to fill another position due to growth. This consultant gave him a referral that turned out to be the right mach.

Advertising & Agency Prospecting:

DreamMaker’s CSO, Doug was looking for a marketing director for his company, so he took a detailed profile of the type of candidate he was looking for to an agency. The agency gave him four resumes and pre-interview results to review. Three matched what the position was willing to pay and possessed some of the skills and experience. The fourth one matched the qualities, characteristics, skills and experience, but would cost 50% more than what was budgeted for the position. She was hired and she helped take the company and the marketing department to the next level with minimal time and effort on Doug’s part. Sometimes the best way to find your “A” players is outsourcing and getting help through an agency or advertising the position.

DreamMaker sees the importance in finding the right team for your business and knows that it takes time and effort to finding “A” players. We strongly believe in recruiting, rather than just hiring. Hiring is just part of the recruiting process. If you are looking to start a remodeling business and want to learn about our other strong systems, like our recruiting/hiring system, then check out our franchise opportunity. Click the button below to download our Franchise Kit.

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