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The Four Secrets to Recruiting “A” Players

DreamMaker of Bakersfield's TeamWhen starting a remodeling business, or any business, you must recruit the right employees for your team. Your team represents your business, especially in the remodeling industry. The presence of great people does not go unnoticed by remodeling clients – many of our franchisees’ GuildQuality reviews mention the professionalism and expertise of their designers, contractors, office managers, and other team members. DreamMaker has a recruiting system that helps our franchisees recruit “A” players. To us, recruiting means going out and finding the best for the pay, benefits, culture, and opportunity your business provides. For example, when a baseball scout is out recruiting a player for their team, they are going to take the time to find the right player that has the skills to help the team win. That’s a player that has a successful track record, the right experience, and someone that can be a team player. The recruiting process takes time, but it will help you find a better match for your business. Keep reading for the 4 secrets to recruiting “A” players.

Know Exactly Who You Are Looking For

Make a profile for each position in your business that lists the qualities, characteristics, skills, and experience needed for that position. This will help you narrow down the traits that are most important to you in a new hire, as well as help applicants better understand who it is you’re looking for.

Start Looking Before You Need the Position Filled

One mistake many business owners make is rushing the hiring process and this only leads to a higher turnover. If time is not taken to thoroughly evaluate your candidates, they could end up not being a fit for your team or you’re not a fit for them. More time gives you more people to choose from and gives you the ability to compare strengths and weaknesses, thus resulting in the most thorough decision.

Have A Detailed Interviewing Process

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This goes hand in hand with the previous secret. When you give yourself more time, you can have a more thorough interviewing process. A detailed and thorough interviewing process enables you to identify who is the right match for the position.

Have A Company Culture That Attracts the Candidates You Desire

Create a positive company culture that is attractive to candidates and will make them want to join your team over your competitors. Seek out team members that are well-trained enough to work anywhere; create a culture so positive that they won’t want to work anywhere else.

DreamMaker believes in the process of recruiting, rather than just simply hiring. Hiring is only part of the recruiting process. If you are looking to start a remodeling business and want to learn about our other strong systems, like our recruiting/hiring system, then check out our franchise opportunity. Click the button below to download our Franchise Kit.

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