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Own A Franchise Affordably with dreammaker

Are you interested in owning a remodeling business but are wary about the initial investment involved? You may want to consider going with a franchise option instead of taking the independent route. Doing so can be a great way to begin a low cost business. There are countless benefits to franchising, including marketing support and easy access to useful software.

At DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen, the success of our franchise owners is important to us. We want to help you build the remodeling business of your dreams, without breaking the bank. Keep reading to discover how to own a franchise affordably when you partner with DreamMaker.

Save with targeted marketing

A high cost for any business is marketing. After all, to generate leads, people need to know your company exists, right? As an independent remodeler, marketing can be a struggle and quite time-consuming. You will likely have to try many different marketing techniques before finding one that works. Plus, there is no guarantee of consistent results.


At DreamMaker, we will help you avoid these frustrations so you can have better, faster, and more consistent lead generation. As a DreamMaker franchise owner, you receive extensive franchise marketing support, including a

 targeted marketing plan for your first 12 months. This will help you succeed and save you money in your first year.

Save with the right software

When you start your own remodeling business, you need the appropriate software. As an independent contractor, you will most likely try multiple software programs to find the best fit. It will drive your startup costs up since software is by no means cheap. But, when you are a DreamMaker franchise owner, all that legwork has already been done for you. We provide you with franchise software that we know will help you streamline your work, so you can run your business more efficiently while saving money!

No guesswork involved

It can be hard to know what you need in your first year. Who doesn’t want all the equipment right away? It is easy to buy too much—too soon—preventing you from launching your company affordably.

The DreamMaker franchise team works closely with all of our new franchise owners to determine what they need for a successful launch. You can always start small and scale up! Reach out to DreamMaker today to learn more about the low cost business opportunity we’re offering! Schedule a call or download your franchise kit now!

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