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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Franchisee Spotlight - Glen Borkowski

Glen Borkowski, DreamMaker Franchisee of Orland Park, IL. sits down to chat with us about why he chose DreamMaker and why owning a DreamMaker franchise has helped achieve the quality of life he has wanted. Glen has over 30 years of experience in the remodeling field, specializing in interior residential remodeling. His dream has always been to be involved with a company that sets lofty goals: to produce a very high quality of work while simultaneously providing the customer with excellent service and value.

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Why DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen?

"The reason I was attracted to DreamMaker was twofold; I wanted to be able to buy certain materials (primarily cabinetry) directly from a manufacturer and NOT a middleman distributor. DreamMaker's group of Preferred Vendors has allowed me to do that. I now have the buying power of the entire group. That's huge for us. I also wanted serious, professional help with marketing my business. I struggled mightily for years and wasted untold hours and financial resources because I'm a remodeler, not a marketing specialist." 

Glen Started His Franchise In:

November of 2007.

Owning This Franchise Has Helped In Many Ways:

"What owning a DreamMaker franchise has given me is the training and resources in order for me to operate my business in a more efficient and profitable manner. It has reinforced the notion that your business is your job, your livelihood and your career, but it's not supposed to be your life. By operating your business efficiently and at a higher profit margin, you enable yourself to enjoy the things that provide you with a well-rounded and satisfying life. The time to experience the things that make you feel whole. It has also surrounded me with a cadre of incredible people; both on the corporate staff as well as the other zees and their staff members. They have enriched my life immensely and I have made some terrific friends that have brought great joy to my life. 

When I first started my own business over 30 years ago, I wanted to build something very special that constantly strove for excellence. I have succeeded in finding a like-minded organization that has accompanied me on an amazing journey; a trip which I have enjoyed every step of the way." 

When Not Working At DreamMaker?

"In my free time, I play tennis 2-3 times a week. I'm a serious woodworker and I volunteer for the local chapter of an international charity called Sleep in Heavenly Peace. They build children's beds from scratch and then donate and deliver them to disadvantaged families who are in need. The chapter's motto is 'no kid sleeps on the floor in our town'. As a former high school history teacher, I still enjoy reading books of a historical nature."


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