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What Makes DreamMaker Stand Out in the Remodeling Industry?

In today's world, word-of-mouth is the strongest marketing tool there is. Most customers decide on a product or services based on a recommendation from a friend/family member or from a review they read online. As a business owner, it's crucial to understand how customer satisfaction can affect your revenue and profits.

High Customer Satisfaction Rating

High customer satisfaction is what drives an increase in profit and revenue. Qualified Remodeler states that “An InfoQuest study found that ‘a totally satisfied customer’ yields 2.6 times more revenue than a ‘somewhat satisfied customer’ and 14 times more revenue than a ‘somewhat dissatisfied customer.’

A company that consistently satisfies its clients is often getting double the return on its investment to acquire a new customer.” Think about it – consumers, like you and me, are trying to predict the experience we are going to have with a product or service to meet our own satisfaction. We don’t want pain or dissatisfaction and we AdobeStock_58883541are willing to put in effort to avoid it. Positive reviews are your best friend when running a business because most people rely on. Because of this, you want to make sure that you give your clients a positive experience so that your reviews represent a good customer experience.

“A McKinsey study found unhappy customers on average tell between nine and 15 people about their negative experience, and 13 percent of unhappy clients tell more than 20 people. Bad news travels faster than good news, especially with the Internet. Customer satisfaction therefore is a good way to play offense and to help a business grow, and it provides a solid defense against faster-traveling negative word-of-mouth.” (Qualified Remodeler’s, How to Win with Customer Satisfaction)

At DreamMaker, our bottom line is people, and throughout our franchise’s history, DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen has sought to treat people with respect and integrity a part of our company’s Code of Values™. “We believe in superior service to our customers, our community and to each other as members of the DreamMaker team.” (Quoted in our Code of Values) From surveys sent through GuildQuality, a customer satisfaction survey company for remodelers and builders, DreamMaker franchisees have a recommendation rate of 96%*, compared to the average GuildQuality remodeler recommendation rate of 92%. Below you can find multiple customer reviews for multiple DreamMaker locations via Guild Quality.

*This average is from clients who our franchisees submitted surveys to and responded.

Review for our DreamMaker of SE Florida (Guildmembers Awarded to the Big50 Class of 2018) on March 08, 2019

“We had a beautiful new designed and remodeled bathroom from studs to completion in 3 weeks! DreamMaker goes out of its way to make everything just right!”

Review for our DreamMaker of SE Florida (Guildmembers Awarded to the Big50 Class of 2018) on January 31, 2019

“We hope that the company continues to be successful! We are grateful that the team kept their commitments and dedication to make sure the job was done correct, on time and to our satisfaction… before, during and after!”


Release for DreamMaker of Orland Park on June 7, 2018

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Orland Park, a leading home remodeling franchise, recently announced that the company has been awarded a 2018 Guildmaster with Highest Distinction Award. Read Full Release

Review for DreamMaker of Springfield Illinois on February 08, 2019

“Everyone there was friendly and helpful. I found Kevin King to be totally professional and knowledgeable about DreamMaker products. His vision and design were right on. Scott Clouse was the lead carpenter on my bathroom. His years of experience were evident. He is a good, careful and detailed person who treated my home with respect. “

Review for DreamMaker of Ann Arbor on January 04, 2019

“DreamMaker took away the anxiety that usually accompanies a big remodel project.”

Review for DreamMaker of Ogden Utah on January 23, 2019

“Any remodeling work can be tricky with lots of details to keep track of and keeping clients informed in a timely manner. DreamMaker exceeded our expectations to balance all factors. It’s been a pleasure to work with the whole team.”

Great Ratings from Franchisees

Not only do we focus on the satisfaction of our customers, but we also take utmost care for the satisfaction of our franchisees. Through The Transformational Process™, DreamMaker offers franchisees time-tested systems that could help you start a business or grow your existing business, through ongoing support from both the corporate team and other franchisees.

At DreamMaker, we are a family and we “Teach our principles and systems of personal and business success so that all people we touch live happier, more successful lives.” Below you can find our Franchise Opportunity Rating via Franchise Business Review. From surveys sent to our franchisees, we earned a rating of 82, putting us among the top 50 of all franchises and top 5 of franchises under 75 units.*FBR Rating-1

*Based off reviews of 29 franchise owners (81% of DreamMaker owners)

We are scored off of multiple areas of the franchise opportunity, such as training & support, franchise system, leadership, core values, franchisee community, owner enjoyment, financial FBR50opportunity, and general satisfaction. From the satisfaction of our franchisees, we have been able to appear on Franchise Business Review’s Top 50 in franchisee satisfaction five years in a row. 

Below is a chart showing how DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen performed in all industry segments compared to Franchise Business Review Benchmark of other home services franchises in 2018.

 FBR Benchmark

Hear what our franchisees have to say about the DreamMaker franchise opportunity:

“The support from DreamMaker starts with (DreamMaker President) Doug Dwyer and his commitment to treating people right, and it just telegraphs down to everyone. I’ve never heard them say ‘no, I can’t help you with that.’ They are always willing to help and willing to spend time to help me. They are methodical, and they are very supportive. You become part of a family with them. They are interested in your life, not just your royalty fee.” — Ed Gribben, Stuart, FL


“DreamMaker has the feel of a family. Every year DreamMaker has a convention, which they call the Reunion, and the fact that they call it that gives a real insight into the mentality of the corporate team, which welcomes you warmly. There’s always a lot to talk about, and everybody has a chance to bond and discuss common issues. DreamMaker owners get to know each other on a personal level at Reunions and training sessions, and when you continue to meet with six of those people twice a year, you develop very good friendships.” — Steve Everett, Fredericksburg, VA


“Before DreamMaker, I ran my business more like an old-school carpenter, with everything done by hand. I was like a guy with a toolbox full of hand tools. With DreamMaker, I’m the same carpenter, but now I have a whole garage full of power tools. That’s how I feel about my business. There are so many tools within the DreamMaker system — so many things that have helped the way I do business. It has transformed me from a company that was barely operating paycheck to paycheck, to now being a company with profitability.” — Steve Miller, Mansfield, OH



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