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DreamMaker remodeling franchise owners give high marks to the franchise community; say teamwork and fellowship make brand unique

DreamMaker remodeling franchise A software developer demonstrates DreamMaker’s proprietary software to franchisees at DreamMaker’s 2014 reunion in Branson, Missouri.

After DreamMaker asked Franchise Business Review to study its franchisee satisfaction last year, one of the things that stood out was how much our franchisees love having one another as partners in growing the brand and each others' businesses.

Franchisees rated the strength of our franchise community far above average, compared to Franchise Business Review benchmarks for the franchising industry overall. We think that speaks to how invested the DreamMaker headquarters team is in the success of our franchisees, and how our franchisees are invested in the success of one another.

For Steve Everett, owner of a DreamMaker remodeling franchise in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the company has the feel of a family.

“Every year DreamMaker has a convention, which they call the Reunion. The fact that they call it that gives a real insight into the mentality of the corporate team, which welcomes you warmly,” Steve says. “There’s always a lot to talk about, and everybody has a chance to bond and discuss common issues. DreamMaker owners get to know each other on a personal level at Reunions and training sessions, and when you continue to meet with six of those people twice a year, you develop very good friendships.”

DreamMaker remodeling franchise DreamMaker has a close-knit family of franchisees who help one another improve their businesses.

For Lee Willwerth, co-owner of a DreamMaker remodeling franchise in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the relationships among franchisees have turned into an established, supportive community.

“Having many other DreamMaker franchisees throughout the country that you know personally, that you can talk to about anything at all, is very valuable,” Lee says. “Other remodelers are friends, but they’re also competitors. If you are having a challenge, you aren’t going to mention it because you don’t want that information getting to your customers. With DreamMaker, we’ll share everything. We’ve stayed in many franchisees’ homes and spent time with their families. It’s a very tight-knit group.”

Steve Coombs, who owns a DreamMaker remodeling franchise in Ogden, Utah, says he looks forward to DreamMaker’s annual Reunion to develop ideas and compare financials with other franchisees.

“We spend a lot of time building relationships and talking about what we are doing, how our sales numbers compare, and sharing ideas and strategies. We feel comfortable with anybody, and that’s a very positive thing,” Steve says.

DreamMaker's headquarters team offers extensive training, coaching and support for franchisees, too, and having an entire organization that works together as a cohesive team is a powerful asset for franchisees — whether they are new to remodeling or have been in the business for decades.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and remodelers earn strong financial numbers while having a focus on improving their quality of life. Our franchise owners enjoy much stronger margins than most remodelers — and their customers report much, much higher satisfaction. DreamMaker's business practices are guided by biblical principles of service, respect and integrity — and are key to our success.

“We’ve helped existing remodelers take their operations to the next level by providing training and systems to run a stronger remodeling business,” says President and Chief Stewarding Officer Doug Dwyer. “Those same systems and resources have helped entrepreneurs launch brand-new remodeling businesses that are among DreamMaker's top performers.”

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