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North Carolina homeowners turn to DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise to provide a luxurious custom remodel

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 10.57.49 AM Sandy and Joe Nicastro

Joe and Sandy Nicastro had been patient long enough. After 25 years of living in their 1986 Georgian-style North Carolina home, they wanted a significant refresh of their kitchen. Joe wanted a gas stove in particular, but they also wanted to update the kitchen from an outdated wallpapered room to something more contemporary. We recently spoke to Joe, who considers himself the cook of the house, and Sandy, who likes to bake, to hear how the renovations went and find out about their experience with DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen.

What did you set out to change when you first started?
Joe: We originally thought we should change the entire design of the kitchen, but the more we got into it, the more we realized the original space was constructed perfectly. We talked about moving the bar where I make my coffee to the other side of the kitchen. But we’re so used to doing things a certain way. I don’t want to walk all the way across the kitchen to get coffee. So the only thing we changed – in terms of the setup of the kitchen – is the range top that was in the center island. Now we have an island that is just for food prep, and we have a separate Wolf six-burner dual stove. I had always wanted a gas stove.

A before-and-after view of the Nicastros' kitchen. A before-and-after view of the Nicastros' kitchen.

What else didn’t you like about your old kitchen?
Joe: Every time you needed to get something from a lower cabinet, you had to get down on your knees and pull things out. Now we have pull-out drawers that are so easy to access. Even the drawers at ankle level, you just have to bend over slightly and pull them out and you can still access anything in that drawer.

How did you come across DreamMaker?
Joe: I had friends who had had some work done by them, and I was really impressed with how it turned out. And one of the presidents of the local DreamMaker [Tracy Moore] is a member of the church I go to, plus they advertise in the church bulletin and I had seen their signs around town.

What did you like about working with DreamMaker?
Joe: DreamMaker is a very reliable company, and they are very communicative. The foreman [site superintendent James Colston] was excellent. I saw him almost every day. The workers were all great. They were very professional. DreamMaker made the process as easy as possible for us.

How did the remodeling process go?
Sandy: They did a good job of sealing off the doors all the time so we didn’t have to deal with dust. Some people who have gone through renovations talk about how much dust they have in the rest of the house. They also stuck pretty much to what they said they were going to do and when they were going to do it.

The kitchen now features a fireplace. The room has become a gathering spot for guests. The kitchen now features a fireplace. The room has become a gathering spot for guests.

Were you looking for a certain level of quality with DreamMaker?
Joe: It’s an expensive house, so everything needed to be high-end. With a house like this, you can’t do it any other way, because it would be more difficult to sell. The buyers would expect top of the line countertops — we got Typhoon Bordeaux granite countertops — cabinetry and appliances.

Did DreamMaker help you pick out the appliances?
Sandy: The designer went with us and helped us with the sinks, faucets and the appliances. We didn’t have to look through three dozen things ourselves. Sometimes, when you have a big project like this, you feel you have to spend all this time looking at everything. They got rid of that step.

How was the design process?
Joe: They were very professional. They gave us different designs and came to our house to see that the cabinets would work.

Now that you’ve been using your new kitchen for over a year, do you use it any differently?
Joe: It’s a lot easier to cook and it’s a lot easier to keep clean. The island is so convenient and so ergonomically friendly to move around. We’re just totally delighted with the way things turned out.

Sandy: I no longer have to store big pots elsewhere because we made the pantry big enough to store them.

Joe: We enlarged the pantry, and they have pullout shelves so everything is easily seen and accessible.

Sandy: We also got rid of the built-in desk that we never used. It always had a lot of junk on it.

What do you like in particular about your new kitchen?
Joe: The tile work is beautiful. The floors came out beautifully. All of the appliances are top of the line. I go into the kitchen, and it’s warm and its friendly. It’s a lovely place. In fact, when we have guests over, that’s where everyone congregates, our kitchen.

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