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Fall Is Interior Remodeling Season—Help Your Clients Take the Stress Out of Holiday Remodeling


Fall has finally arrived! And that means the holidays are hot on its heels. People all over the country are starting preparations for hosting large family gatherings. So, now is the perfect opportunity to tackle some remodeling projects waiting in the wings.

You may start to get inquiries from customers hoping to accomplish all their dream remodeling projects before their family starts showing up. They may also feel some stress and pressure around these projects. After all, they have a major time crunch not felt during other parts of the year.

However, you can confidently help your customers and guide them through the process. Below you will find a few ideas to help you provide your customers with a seamless and stress-reduced fall remodeling experience.

Encourage them to start planning early. 
Explain the process and estimated project lengths. As long as the customers understand how long their dream will take, they can develop a good plan. The last thing they need is for the work to be unfinished when guests arrive. 

Remind them to keep their eye on the goal.
Remodeling is stressful for many people on its own. And when you layer in holiday stress, the project can start to feel overwhelming. Help them keep their focus on the end goal. It will all be worth it!

Focus on maintaining clear communication.
While you don't want to be inundated with questions, keeping an open line of communication during fall remodels is vital. Your customer wants reassurance that everything is on track and will get completed in time. Keeping them in the loop during the project will give them peace of mind and will give you a potential repeat customer!

Above all, understand your customer may feel overwhelmed during this time. Even if the stress gets to you both, maintain respect and professionalism in all interactions. It will be worth it in the end!

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