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DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen offers big opportunity for those looking to open a remodeling business in Kansas City

DreamMaker remodeling franchise The DreamMaker remodeling franchise features Design Centers that franchisees use to educate homeowners about remodeling options. The sales and marketing systems provided by DreamMaker helped franchisees achieve average gross margins of 45.5% in 2015.

The DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise is booming. Average franchisee unit store revenue rose 68% from 2011 to 2015, nearly four times the growth rate of the overall remodeling industry as reported by the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard. DreamMaker franchisees have been able to leverage the technical, coaching and marketing strengths of the brand to take full advantage of the growing demand for remodeling.

We are currently seeking franchisees in Kansas City, where the strong real estate market has driven up home prices and reduced housing inventory. Both of those are leading indicators of strong remodeling activity. Increasing home prices boost the remodeling industry in two big ways: Customers can tap into home equity to pay for desired upgrades, and remodeling projects deliver more value upon resale.

Kansas City is also a strong remodeling market based on another fundamental metric in the remodeling business — its housing stock is hitting peak remodeling years. According to the most recent available data from the Census Bureau’s American Housing Survey, the median home in Kansas City was built in 1977 — about 40 years ago. This is important because remodeling activity peaks when homes hit 25 to 35 years old, and the need generally stays high thereafter, according to the Joint Center for Housing Studies.

So why start a DreamMaker remodeling franchise?

DreamMaker franchise kitchen A kitchen remodeled by franchisee Curt Trampe’s team.

Remodeling is an exciting business. It allows you to transform customers’ lives by improving the look and function of their homes, to engage your mind in problem-solving, and to show your creativity and craftsmanship through great design and execution.

The critical difference between highly successful remodelers and others who struggle to build and maintain their business is having systems and people in place to manage demand for your time. Many remodelers struggle to juggle the myriad duties that go into running and growing a strong remodeling business. Though homeowners trade “remodeling nightmare” stories, those bad experiences usually don’t happen because of remodelers who are bad people. Delays and mistakes muck up the process of serving customers, and remodelers who underbid each other to win jobs — which unintentionally strips away the margins they need to keep their businesses strong and their customer service levels high.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen can help you open a remodeling business in Kansas City and give you advantages that help you avoid such pitfalls and take full advantage of growth opportunities. We are a nationwide franchise system headquartered in Waco, Texas, and we have been helping remodelers start new businesses and improve existing businesses for more than 15 years.

We were recently named to the Franchise Times list of top-performing franchise systems, and we were the only full-service remodeling franchise to make the list. Our concept is designed to start with the kitchen and bath, yet it has the ability to handle other interior remodeling projects as a franchisee’s confidence builds, so they can remodel other rooms to maximize their return on marketing dollars and develop lifetime customers.

Meet DreamMaker franchisee Curt Trampe

DreamMaker franchisee Curt Trampe Curt Trampe speaks during a panel discussion at DreamMaker’s annual franchisee reunion. The panel focused on excellence in maintaining strong margins and quality of life.

Curt Trampe owned his own handyman company for seven years in Springfield, Illinois, before he decided to start a DreamMaker remodeling franchise. He grew it into a mid-sized company, but, he says, “We were kind of typical in that we were trying to be all things to all people.”

He joined DreamMaker because he wanted to specialize in kitchen and bath remodeling, and he wanted to leverage the brand’s vendor relationships and tools for running a strong business.

“I really liked the DreamMaker business model. Some of my clients sat me down when they heard that I was thinking of joining a franchise and said, ‘You’re nuts! What are you doing? Why would you give a part of your revenue to someone else?’ But there were a lot of advantages. I rolled my old business into my new DreamMaker franchise in 2006.”

Since then, he’s become one of the top performing franchisees in the DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen family. Last year, he opened a new design center and significantly expanded his warehouse space to support the continued growth of his business.

What makes DreamMaker different?

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen works to help franchisees achieve strong margins and quality of life. Strong margins allow franchisees to hire great help — carpenters, salespeople, designers, office staff — which frees them up to run the business while working reasonable hours, rather than the 70- to 80-hour weeks that are typical in the industry. Typical gross profit margins (before fixed cost) industry-wide are 20%; DreamMaker franchisees averaged gross margins of 45.5 percent in 2015, as detailed in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

DreamMaker offers extensive systems, coaching, vendor relationships and tactical support to help remodeling company owners grow and manage their businesses. We support franchisees nationwide from our headquarters in Waco, Texas.

DreamMaker is guided by our Code of Values, which lays out a philosophy for running a meaningful and honorable business. The values — and our efforts to live by them — have helped attract quality franchisees, quality employees and wonderful customers.

DreamMaker Code of Values

Who we’re seeking

We work hard through our conversations with franchise candidates to make sure we have the ability to help you achieve the goals you have for your life and business, and that you will be a good fit for our culture and systems. Great partnerships are a blessing, and these are the seven things we look for when we evaluate a potential DreamMaker owner:

Drive. You must be motivated to succeed. DreamMaker can provide you with well-crafted systems, but it will be up to you to build your business.

Heart. We want people who value others enough not to trample them in their rush to success. We look for people who want to build a better community, and who want to succeed by helping others — employees, customers and their community.

Focus. Businesses have many moving parts, and it’s important to set goals and use benchmarks to help you achieve.

Coachability. Entrepreneurs often seek novel ways of tackling business challenges. We respect that, and the problem-solving skills of franchisees have helped DreamMaker flourish — but at the same time, it’s important to be able to step back, absorb and implement the lessons that DreamMaker has already learned and is eager to pass on.

Smarts & Willingness to follow systems. You must be smart yet not a rocket scientist to follow and implement the DreamMaker systems, They have been honed for more than a decade to help you achieve your goals.

Values. We look for people who have integrity, respect others and are focused on improving lives for others. Our Code of Values™ are supported by time-tested biblical principles and are foundational to DreamMaker’s culture.

 Support at home. We want to make sure your loved ones are behind you so you will have the support you need as you either transition or start and begin to grow your business.

Own a DreamMaker remodeling franchise

To learn more about the DreamMaker remodeling franchise and read interviews with more DreamMaker franchisees, visit our blog. To learn even more, fill out a form to download our free franchise report and start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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