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Strong marketing strategies help DreamMaker remodeling franchise owners compete on quality and customer service — not just price

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen

One of the strengths that has helped DreamMaker grow average revenue is the fact that our customer satisfaction scores are extremely high, which drives repeat business. If we remodel a bathroom, customers invite us back to remodel more bathrooms and to overhaul the kitchen. If we start in the kitchen, we may be invited back for a bathroom remodel, or to install cabinets in an office or basement.

Why are customers so happy with our service?

They love us because we go the extra mile to make sure they’re satisfied on every front. Our excellence in customer service is demonstrated in our estimating systems, production systems, and pricing models that make it possible to generate margins over 40% while providing a compelling value to customers. We’ve positioned ourselves not as the cheapest option but as the best when it comes to quality and service. Savvy customers understand that cheapest doesn’t always mean best.

So how do we win customers the first time around?

Helping customers choose service as part of their value equation

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen Franchise

DreamMaker makes the process of remodeling a kitchen or bathroom so much easier.

The typical residential remodeling experience for customers involves tremendous amounts of time visiting big hardware stores and specialty retailers to inspect cabinets, cabinet hardware, counter surfaces, and backsplash options. At the same time, consumers may also be spending hours poring over magazines and websites to research design trends. For consumers, winnowing down the choices can be tedious.

Once design decisions have been made, homeowners are then often forced to act as de facto project managers — scheduling subcontractors and juggling schedules of their chosen remodeler and speciality tradesmen. Most people only tackle a handful of major home remodeling projects in their entire lives, so it’s stressful to be suddenly thrust into this role.

DreamMaker’s marketing strategy is built upon the idea that remodeling should be easier for homeowners. We provide franchisees with local websites customers can use to view different remodels and to gather ideas. We encourage homeowners to sign up for email newsletters with design ideas and remodeling tips. Visitors who sign up for those emails are asked to choose the DreamMaker location closest to them, which helps connect franchisees with prospective customers. Customers eventually visit a DreamMaker franchisee’s Design Center, where they can see, touch and feel the different products available for their remodels.

Ultimately, DreamMaker’s goal is to guide homeowners through the design and remodeling process. We show them the design solutions we’ve created for other customers, and we listen to customers to understand their vision, their needs, and to craft a custom design that enhances their home.

DreamMaker works with new franchisees to develop a competitive analysis of the marketplace, and to develop a marketing plan that hones in on buyers who are likely to value our ability to save time and deliver custom designs.

"I was very impressed with how meticulous and thoughtful they were in their work on my project. DreamMaker did a great job, and I am very pleased with their work. If I need any more work done in the future, I will not hesitate to call them!"

— a customer of DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen of Chillicothe, OH

Learn more about DreamMaker’s business model

Learn More about DreamMaker's business model

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