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Franchise research site names DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise best bet


Franchise Gator, a website devoted to franchise industry research and news, has named DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen remodeling franchise to its 2015 Top 100 list.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen is a full-service interior remodeling franchise that helps entrepreneurs and remodelers post strong financial numbers while also improving their quality of life. Our franchise owners enjoy much stronger margins than most remodelers — and their customers report much, much higher satisfaction. DreamMaker's business practices are guided by biblical principles of service, respect and integrity — and are key to our success.

“DreamMaker has helped existing remodelers take their operations to the next level by providing training and systems to run a stronger remodeling franchise,” said Doug Dwyer, president and chief stewarding officer. “Those same systems and resources have helped entrepreneurs launch brand-new remodeling businesses that are among DreamMaker's top performers.”

Franchise Gator ranked remodeling franchise DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen 80th overall. The list is based on a formula composed of several variables, including financial stability, transparency, engagement, continuity and sustainability. The online directory evaluated franchise opportunities that fit the mold for its visitors’ searches by taking investment range and industry into account.

When investors purchased the parent company, The Dwyer Group, in 2003, Doug Dwyer, who had served in managerial and leadership roles for several Dwyer Group companies, bought DreamMaker. DreamMaker remodeling franchise owners are on pace to finish 2014 with double-digit average revenue growth — a sales increase that comes on top of the 23 percent average revenue growth franchisees experienced in 2013. And we forecast more of the same for 2015 based on the amount of inquiries franchisees are receiving from customers.

DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen supports its franchisees with business systems, vendor relationships, financial and pricing systems, group buying power, marketing tools, training, coaching and fellowship.

“The systems are extremely tested and tried, and they keep making big improvements,” says Steve Betts, a franchisee in Lubbock and Amarillo, Texas. “The staff, they have the same heart as Doug. They are very helpful and very oriented toward caring about you and helping your business. The marketing side has been a big strength in terms of what they bring to the table. For instance, we have guidelines for how much to spend on different media, as well as what to expect from different spends — some build brand awareness, while others are specifically designed to pull in leads. They have a lot of advertising templates that are easy to use, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time with a local ad agency to develop materials. Also, they share the experience of what has worked well in other markets..”

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