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Formal and informal franchisee networking and support makes a better home improvement business opportunity with DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen

Joining the DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen home improvement business opportunity means being part of a team. Through our corporate team and our franchisee network, you have supportive, experienced partners who can help you learn what it takes to grow your remodeling franchise and take it to the next level. It’s one thing to hear it from us, but quite another to hear it from our franchisees. So, read on to see what they have to say about the supportive DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen network.

Lee Willwerth and his business partner, Bob Ender Lee Willwerth and his business partner, Bob Ender

Lee Willwerth, Ann Arbor, MI

“The network of franchisees was one of the most valuable things for us when we started. Since we joined DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen, we have had a chance to visit about 15 locations and analyze their businesses as part of our Next Level Group program. Each time we do it, we come back with more ideas. Having many other owners throughout the country that you know personally, that you can talk to about anything at all, is very valuable. I don’t always agree with their approach to every challenge, but being able to hear a variety of approaches allows us to determine what will work best for us.

We are also part of NARI (National Association of The Remodeling Industry), and we have friends in the industry here, but there is a line that you can’t cross when it comes to sharing information. Other remodelers are friends, but they’re also competitors. With DreamMaker, there is no separation there. We’ll share everything. It’s a very tight-knit group.”

Michael Pinkerton Michael Pinkerton

Michael Pinkerton, Colorado Springs, CO

“The support from peers has been helpful, especially the Next Level Group. The Next Level Group is a group of peers that goes around to different franchisee locations twice a year and critiques them. You go there to help the franchisee with the business and to become a better businessperson and a better person all around. It’s not what I expected; I expected it to be more business-oriented, but what I found out is you become part of a family with them. The people in that group care so much about you and your business that it becomes a tight-knit team that wants to help you and your business perform better. I made friends very fast there because they were so open and welcoming.

The group gets you working with people who are in the industry, who are running their own DreamMaker businesses and doing it well. I can ask them any question I need to, and you don’t get that support when you’re out on your own.”

Jayne and Bill Wolf Jayne and Bill Wolf

Bill Wolf, Grand Rapids, MI

“We do have a great network of communication, I think. When I first started with DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen, there were four franchises in Michigan, and we met quarterly at each other’s property and just spontaneously tried to help each other. Then the company started the Next Level Groups in which franchisees go to different locations, analyzing each person’s business. So, through these intimate and intensive evaluations and visits, we got to know each other quite well over the years. Every time we go to a Reunion, it’s like meeting old friends. We’re not competitors; we’re friends. We help each other. We also have a very stable coaching program in DreamMaker. The coaches will talk to us about goals, the latest innovations within DreamMaker and some of the things (President) Doug Dwyer is thinking about.”

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