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We work to help our franchise owners achieve higher home improvement profit margins through structural advantages and lower costs

As satisfying as it is, business ownership can be a little nerve-wracking as well. Even when you know you want to make a change in your career, it can be difficult to leave the perceived relative stability of the corporate world. At DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen, we do everything in our power to help prepare our franchisees to build their home improvement profit margins and revenue, from the initial start-up through the life of their franchise, so that they can build the life they’ve always dreamed of.

 A kitchen with white cabinets and seats, a marble countertop and brown tile wall, with a glass bowl of fruit sitting on the counter. We’ve designed our franchise opportunity to help owners maximize their home improvement profit margins.

Financial concerns are often the biggest point of hesitation for people looking to take the leap of faith into business ownership. We understand that, and that’s why we’ve designed our systems and support to maximize the return for our franchisees at every point.

Helping you achieve higher home improvement profit margins

We work to keep the initial start-up and ongoing operational costs low through advantages like group buying power on materials and sophisticated project-pricing systems. Keeping those costs low while your revenues grow helps increase your profit margin and helps the money you bring in go further in supporting you and your family.

The remodeling and home improvement industries are full of talented and hard-working professionals who often have to push their prices uncomfortably low just to earn business. With a DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchise, owners have access to our sophisticated pricing and estimation tools, which helps clients understand the value of the work you perform. It helps you charge a fair price instead of racing to the bottom, and combined with our commitment to higher margins, it means more of that revenue flows back to you.

“The benefits of owning a franchise are the systems that are in place to help us run a more efficient business, and we’re able to ask more for our projects than the typical contractor because those systems mean we have more to offer our customers,” says Bakersfield, CA, franchisee Patty Gray. “Because of our hiring practices, because of our Code of Values™, those are all things that add value, and people are willing to pay more if they're going to get more value out of something.”

A modern bathroom design with large mirrors, a black countertop that wraps around the corner and dark wooden cabinets. On average, sales at DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen franchises have risen every year since 2011.

Growing revenue opportunity to support your dreams

All of those advantages have also helped our franchisees acquire more clients and significantly grow their sales and revenue.

In 2016, average gross sales reached $952,153 for franchises open the entire calendar year, and the top-performing quarter of franchisees averaged $1,999,867. We’ve seen 92% growth in average annual sales since 2011, tripling the growth rate of the overall remodeling industry over that time period.

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To start a conversation and learn more in-depth details about how DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen helps franchise owners achieve higher home improvement profit margins, download our free franchise report. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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