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DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen provides home improvement marketing support and sense of community to help accelerate your remodeling business growth

We’re proud to welcome Heidi and Rick Brausch to the DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen family. They recently opened their franchise in Charlotte, NC, to stand out from other remodeling companies with the help of DreamMaker’s home improvement marketing, as well as our company culture formed around our Code of Values.

“The Code of Values was appealing to me because it aligns with our own beliefs,” says Heidi. “I also liked the accountability and the guidance they offer.”

Charlotte, NC, DreamMaker franchisees Heidi and Rick Brausch Charlotte, NC, DreamMaker franchisees Heidi and Rick Brausch

Home improvement marketing support builds business

One of the biggest advantages the Brausches saw in DreamMaker Bath and Kitchen was the robust marketing support, with tested messaging and materials that can help them stand out amongst the competition and earn more business.

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“The thing that drew us to franchising the most was the marketing assistance. The marketing has been really terrific, and driving sales is the most important thing,” says Heidi. “They provide guidance on which networking opportunities to take advantage of, like Chamber of Commerce events and home shows. We are especially excited about the assistance with digital marketing. DreamMaker has consultants that help us with our website, search engine optimization and social media, which takes a huge burden off our shoulders.”

Other advantages also proved enticing, like established vendor relationships, proprietary software systems for preparing quotes and contracts and the network of other franchisees across the country.

“When you’re starting a business from scratch, there’s a lot of leg work required that we were able to save time on by going with DreamMaker, such as finding vendors to work with or creating a website,” she says. “There’s also a tremendous trust factor. We can trust that DreamMaker is going to find the best vendors for us and set up the most efficient systems for us because it’s to their advantage that we succeed.”

A modern kitchen remodel, with light wooden cabinet fronts and flooring, a dark-brown stovetop and faded teal countertops. Our home improvement marketing support helps our franchisees stand out and attract more clients.

Franchise network provides community, advice and support

They also appreciated the sense of community they saw in the DreamMaker family. That support has helped them feel confident as they’ve put the pieces in place to start their home improvement franchise.

“The home office paired us with a franchise coach who calls us weekly. The frequency of the calls has established a relationship of trust and honesty, which helps in dealing with issues that need to be worked out. We’ve also reached out to other franchisees, and there’s no sense of competition, because we all have our own territories,” says Heidi. “There is a real sense of community with the other franchisees that makes us feel like we are part of a team. I’ve always felt that you can accomplish a lot more in a shorter period of time when you’re working together as a team.”

DreamMaker also hosts plenty of formal training and educational opportunities to help franchisees continually improve their businesses, like our Next Level Groups, franchise coaches, roundtables and marketing webinars.

“Everyone at DreamMaker understands that the success of each individual franchise contributes to the success of the brand as a whole,” says Heidi. “Our mutual goals drive everyone to work well together.”

Ready to learn more?

For in-depth details about how DreamMaker® Bath and Kitchen’s home improvement marketing can help grow your business, download our franchise information report and start a conversation with us. You also can learn more by visiting our research pages.

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