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Franchise Business Review surveyed DreamMaker franchise owners to learn about franchisee satisfaction

One of the phrases DreamMaker uses a lot with potential remodeling franchise owners is: “Strong margins. Quality of Life.” We talk about strong margins because they are key to financial success and give business owners of remodeling companies the ability to hire great staff and provide excellent service. We talk about quality of life because we want our remodeling franchise owners to not only build a great business — we want them to build a business that supports their life, and that doesn’t squeeze out their time for family, faith, friends and community.

We want people to be successful. And better yet, we want them to be happy.

We’ve built a lot of systems to help franchisees achieve strong margins, and our ongoing coaching is focused on both business and personal goals. We set goals, follow checklists and believe in holding ourselves accountable for results.

We know report cards are important. That’s why we recently asked to be graded, reaching out to Franchise Business Review to ask them to conduct an independent survey of DreamMaker remodeling franchise owners. Franchise Business Review devotes itself to studying franchisee satisfaction, sharing news about great franchise organizations and helping all franchise systems find areas in which they can improve.

We received some good news.

Recommendation rate much higher than average

The DreamMaker franchise review that emerged from FBR’s survey shows that DreamMaker franchisees recommend the franchise opportunity at a much higher rate than the 2014 “benchmark group” of other franchise systems FBR has surveyed.

FBRlogoHere are some excerpts from comments franchisees provided to FBR:

Speaking about the values that drive the organization:

“A great example is set at the top and then travels down to the zee level and back to the top in a never-ending loop. Our Code of Values is what sets us apart and is the key to our success as a franchise.”

About the franchise family:

“They are of the highest level of integrity, individually and as a group. A true pleasure to be adjoined to.”

About the franchise systems:

“Very detailed systems and very defined. Sometimes it can be a challenge to implement them all. The DM system has made my business much more capable of higher volume and higher margins.”

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